Greek Band-Aid and German Delay Tactics


Greek Band-Aid and German Delay Tactics

Yet once more EU elites have staved off the inevitable Greek default by a band-aid approach to that nation’s unsolvable debt crisis.

Same crisis, same players, same old approach.

But what’s it all really about?

Facing a Friday deadline on a €5 billion bond redemption, Greece was saved by the ringing of the bell by the European Central Bank (ecb) permitting a late redemption of asset-backed securities in exchange for funds to enable it to survive to grind on another day toward fiscal oblivion.

What is really going on here? Why does the EU insist on staving off the inevitable day of Greece’s financial collapse?

To understand these delaying tactics, one must understand the thoroughness of the German mind, for in fact it is Germany which is really calling the tune here in concert with the ecb.

Whichever way the Greek collapse occurs, German elites are determined to be prepared to cash in on the result. The delay in a Greek solution is simply being occasioned by the time it is taking for Germany to position itself to profit from the outcome.

Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has recently signaled Germany’s preparedness for action in its own interests in the event of a Greek default.

This is not the first time that Schäuble has hinted at Germany supporting a Greek exit from the eurozone, and being well prepared for that possibility. The concern is that it is Germany which is holding most of the coverage for eurozone debt, with the nation being currently exposed to the tune of its total gross domestic product.

The fact is that within Germany’s contingency plans for the future of the euro, as we have reported in the past, is a strategy for Germany itself to leave the eurozone, should that prove to be in the best imperialist interests of the nation.

From a number of perspectives, the coming year, 2013, will be a crucial one for German elites in pursuing their Holy Roman imperialist vision. The future of not only Greece, but of the entire eurozone will be held in the balance. What will be the catalyst that tips the delicate balance one way or the other?

Aided with the “more sure word of prophecy,” we would do well to watch and pray daily for understanding of that which is currently ongoing in Europe.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed to handle the outcome!

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