Berlin and Moscow Wage Proxy War in Syria

John Cantlie/AFP/Getty Images

Berlin and Moscow Wage Proxy War in Syria

With Russia funneling cash to the al Assad regime and Germany giving politico-military support to the rebels, the entire Syrian civil war can be viewed as a proxy war between Moscow and Berlin!

Rebel forces backed by al Qaeda and the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood took a major step toward their planned conquest of Syria this past Monday.

The insurgents virtually cut off all roads to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo from neighboring Raqqa province by taking full control over the Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates River. The Assad regime must now rely solely on the Damascus-Aleppo highway to reinforce its troops in the embattled northern stronghold.

Now that the rebels hold sway over a wide expanse of territory in north-central Syria, many analysts are predicting that President Bashar Assad may have to soon withdraw his troops and his stockpiles of chemical weapons to the mountainous region adjacent the Mediterranean Sea.

Such a development—if it occurs—would effectively divide Syria into a Shiite-dominated, coastal mini-state and a Sunni-dominated, inland constituency.

Considering that Assad is a stalwart ally of Iran, there are many powers in this world that would love to see the above described scenario come to fruition.

Already, according to media reports, Turkey is preparing to officially request that nato station surface-to-air missiles along its southwestern border with Syria. The German government has already made clear its approval of this request and is considering sending a contingent of up to 170 Bundeswehr personnel to operate these missiles.

Although the stated purpose of this surface-to-air missile system is to protect Turkey from Syrian combat jets and missiles, the system could also be used to establish a no-fly zone over Syrian territory. Such a no-fly zone would be exactly what the rebels need to wrestle the Syrian interior away from Assad, thus depriving Iran of a valuable ally and strengthening German influence in the Middle East.

According to news analysts at German News Information Services GmbH, one of the leading figures in the Syrian opposition is Riad Seif, who as far back as the 1990s had maintained contact to Berlin’s foreign policy establishment. This news service also reports that Seif is involved in the activities of a multinational “working group” on the transformation of the Syrian economy, directed from an office in the German foreign ministry.

It was Seif who nominated Moaz al Khatib as the new chair of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces during the recent negotiations for the creation of a government in exile in Qatar. It should also be noted that al Khatib is generally described in German media as a moderate member of an influential family dedicated to cultivating Damascene traditions.

On a more sober note, however, critics point out that al Khatib has publicly expressed sympathy for Yusuf al Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the man who praised Adolf Hitler as an instrument of Allah used to call down divine punishment upon the Jewish people.

Both Iran and Russia, however, have condemned the German-led nato initiative to supply Turkey with surface-to-air missiles. The mullahs in Tehran, of course, want to preserve Assad’s rule so they can continue to count on Syrian support in their war against Israel and the West. Russia is also trying to maintain the status quo in Syria; Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin hierarchy have leased the Port of Tartus from Bashar Assad in order to give the Russian Navy enhanced access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia is neutral in the Syrian conflict and is only condemning Turkey’s request for surface-to-air missiles out of concern about escalating violence. The truth, though, is that Russia has been funneling cash and arms to the Assad regime for years. In fact, the economy of the Assad regime was close to unraveling this past summer when a Syrian government plane ferried in what flight records describe as more than 200 tons of bank notes from Moscow.

So with Russia funneling cash to the Assad regime and Germany giving politico-military support to the rebels, the entire Syrian civil war can be viewed as a proxy war between Moscow and Berlin.

Germany is diligently working to draw Syria into an anti-Iranian alliance of Arab nations that will ultimately help Berlin unseat Tehran as the dominant power in the Middle East.

For almost two decades the Trumpet has been explaining that biblical prophecy shows that Syria (along with other traditional Sunni Arab states like Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) will ally with a German-led revival of the Holy Roman Empire.

This German-led alliance of Sunni Arab states will strike Iran and its terrorist proxies—before going on to fulfill its dream of destroying the Jewish state called Israel. Read the cover story of the September edition of the Trumpet magazine for a full description of the modern-day identities of the Arab nations prophesied to ally with Germany. Then read editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s recent editorial “Egypt Unites With Iran and Fulfills a Bible Prophecy” to understand which modern-day nations will ally with Iran.

Both of these end-time alliances are almost complete. The leaders in the Kremlin are shrewd enough to see this even without the benefit of Bible prophecy. Vladimir Putin and his Chinese allies will not sit idly by and watch as Germany prepares to take over the Middle East. Russia and China vetoed the UN resolution imposing sanctions on Syria and have outspokenly condemned European support for the Syrian rebels.

As Germany and the European Union ignore these warnings, Russia and China will continue to enhance military cooperation. Once Germany completes its conquest of the Middle East, the proxy war will be superseded by full-out military conflict!

There is another biblical prophecy in Daniel 11 that foretells of a time immediately after the German-led “king of the north” conquers the Middle East. At this time, “tidings out of the east and out of the north” shall trouble this king and he “shall go forth with great fury to destroy” these powers. Yet in this war, “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him”!

This prophecy is about an end-of-the-end-time clash between a recently victorious United States of Europe and an enraged Russo-Chinese confederation. So bloody will be this last clash of powers that Jesus Christ Himself will have to return to Earth to stop it and ensure the survival of humanity.

News reports coming out of Syria this week are pointing toward both the most dreadful and the most wonderful events in human history!