What No One Would Say About Sandy

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What No One Would Say About Sandy

From the January 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

Meteorologists said there were no known precedents for Hurricane Sandy. Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy called it “the most catastrophic event we have faced … in any of our lifetimes.”

America is getting hit by more and more record disasters all the time. Why is that? A lot of people blame global warming. But is it possible that God has something to do with the weather? You need to prove whether or not He has a hand in these disasters.

Why are so many people hostile to that concept? A generation or two ago, people who experienced a monster storm like this would have asked themselves if they needed to get closer to God. Many would have asked, Are we sinning? But today almost nobody is asking those questions. God is not even part of their thinking.

One third of your Bible is prophecy—future news. Ninety percent of prophecy is for today. And those prophecies predict that catastrophes will come on us in this end time. That’s in the Bible for the whole world to read. It’s there for you to prove for yourself.

What does it mean to you that America was struck by an unprecedented storm?

The record-breaking weather disasters hitting America are not coincidences. They are fulfilled prophecies from the Bible. America is facing increasing disasters for a reason. God is unleashing these phenomena to get our attention! He wants to use them to turn sinning people back to Him.

Many people claim to believe in God, but they don’t believe what He says in the Bible. Christ said we need to live by every word of God (Matthew 4:4).

In the aftermath of Sandy, mobs looted businesses, and people walked in and casually robbed stores. People fought over gasoline. Store owners were price-gouging and profiteering off of people with acute needs and nowhere else to go.

What other nation would turn on itself at a time like this? What is wrong with Americans? We are compounding our suffering from great natural disasters by committing crimes against ourselves. But do you know why?

Our politicians speak as though they have the answers to these problems. Leading up to the recent presidential election, we heard endless talk about what a catastrophe for the nation it would be if the other party was elected. After President Obama won the election, Republicans talked a lot about what a great catastrophe that was for the nation—as if a different outcome would have made all the difference.

The truth is, regardless of election outcomes, there already is a great catastrophe in this land, and we must see that or perish!

God promises in His Word that if we respond to Him, individually, He will protect us. But this nation’s problems will never be solved by a political party.

The book of Hosea was written primarily for the end time—the time we live in. In it, God says to His people Israel—which includes the United States, “[Y]e are not my people, and I will not be your God” (Hosea 1:9). Those are strong words from God.

“For she did not know that I gave her corn, and wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold, which they prepared for Baal” (Hosea 2:8). This is another serious charge from our Creator.

Where did all our wealth come from? Did it come from the great capitalist system? Was it our Yankee ingenuity? Positive election outcomes? If you believe that, then you don’t believe your Bible. America’s prosperity came from God. He gave us birthright blessings because of godly men who obeyed Him.

No wonder God gets upset. He gave us all these blessings, and we turn around and worship another god!

God says that, because of that, “will I return, and take away my corn in the time thereof, and my wine in the season thereof, and will recover my wool and my flax given to cover her nakedness. And now will I discover her lewdness in the sight of her lovers, and none shall deliver her out of mine hand.”

Hurricane Sandy was actually another proof among many that God is not happy with how America is behaving. God is full of wrath because of our depravity and sins. We should take this very seriously—even more seriously than a monster storm!

But there is a happy ending. Verse 23 says God will call people His people, and people will finally repent and know their God. These troubles are going to get worse, but they are leading to a beautiful ending: the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth, and a time when everyone will finally know and worship the God who gave them their blessings.