Pope Following Gaza Conflict With ‘Great Concern’

Pope Following Gaza Conflict With ‘Great Concern’


Pope Benedict xvi has said he is deeply worried about the conflict in Gaza, is praying for victims and those suffering, and is encouraging a ceasefire and negotiations.

“I am following with great concern the escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,” the pope said in his weekly public address to pilgrims in the Paul vi auditorium on Wednesday. Noting that favoring peace would require “courageous decisions,” Pope Benedict xvi encouraged “the initiatives and the efforts by those who are trying to reach a ceasefire and to promote negotiations.”

Hate and violence, he admonished, are not the solution for problems. The conflict is having negative repercussions throughout the entire Middle East—a region that is “worn down by too many struggles and in need of peace and reconciliation,” said Benedict.

The pope’s concern with the Middle East is historically and prophetically significant. The Vatican has historically had a vested spiritual and political interest in Jerusalem. It has waged missionary crusades and, more disturbingly, military crusades, over Jerusalem. As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in his article “The Last Crusade,” the Bible reveals that the Catholic Church, through a resurrected Holy Roman Empire, will likely be invited to participate in peace initiatives and negotiations. Those initiatives will be transformed into a bloody crusade. Thankfully, it will be the church’s final crusade, just before Jesus Christ’s return to bring lasting peace to this world. For more information, read our booklets Hosea—Reaping the Whirlwind and Jerusalem in Prophecy.

Overcoming Fear

Netanyahu: Israel Wants Germany’s Help

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle held talks on Tuesday with both the Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president in an effort to broker a ceasefire between the two sides. After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Westerwelle said bringing an end to the violence is a top priority for Berlin.

Netanyahu’s response reveals that Israel is eager to invite Germany into a key role in the negotiations:

The people of Israel can’t long tolerate this kind of situation where our cities are under constant rocket attacks. I prefer diplomatic solutions, I hope that we can get one, but if not we have every right to defend ourselves with other means and we shall use them. I believe that Germany can have a constructive role in seeking an end to this conflict and a long-term arrangement, such that these terror weapons are not introduced into the Gaza Strip.

Bible prophecy says the rapid spread of radical Islam will continue until it finally collides with the German-led European Union. Daniel 11:40 shows that a German-led “king of the north” will soon enter into the “glorious land”—or Jerusalem. And the Hebrew word for “enter” in this passage indicates a peaceful entry. Netanyanhu’s statement on Tuesday shows that Israel is already looking keenly into Berlin’s direction. It is only a matter of time before Israel invites the German-led EU into the Holy Land.

As more Israelis acknowledge that America is too broken-willed to be a reliable ally, and as pressure on Israel intensifies, the Jewish nation will turn to Germany for defense assistance (Hosea 5:13). But this decision will not end well for Israel. The prophecy in Daniel shows that Germany will commit a violent double-cross against Israel and establish its headquarters in Jerusalem.

In light of that sobering reality, it is alarming to hear Mr. Netanyahu beginning to make overtures to Berlin. But these events are intricately tied to the most hope-filled event this war-torn planet has ever experienced: the return of Jesus Christ to usher in an age of peace for Israelis, Palestinians, Germans and to all other men! To understand the details of the astounding prophecies that are marching rapidly toward fulfillment, request our free booklet History and Prophecy of the Middle East.

U.S. to Israel: That’s Enough

U.S. to Israel: That’s Enough

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Obama administration reverses itself on ‘Pillar of Defense.’

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched Operation Pillar of Defense last Wednesday, Washington was quick to publicly back Israel’s right to defend itself. Since then, Israel has knocked out hundreds of terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip with a series of extremely precise air strikes.

After a few days of surgical strikes, however, President Obama’s support for the operation started to wane. During a press conference on Sunday, the president said that while Israel had a right to defend itself, he would prefer that Israel not send in troops.

Following that, on Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton abruptly left Cambodia, where she was accompanying the president on his tour of Asia, to take a more active role in negotiating a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

“President Obama’s decision to send his top diplomat on an emergency Middle East peacemaking mission Tuesday marked an administration shift to a more activist role in the region’s affairs,” the Washington Post wrote. “Clinton’s peacemaking trip is Obama’s clearest signal yet to Israel that it should begin to pull back its campaign against militants in the Gaza Strip. The administration knows that with Clinton on the ground trying to resolve the crisis, it will be harder for Netanyahu to make good on his threat to invade Gaza” (emphasis added).

Today, a few hours after Hamas celebrated the bombing of a bus in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel had agreed to the terms of a U.S.-brokered ceasefire. He encouraged Israelis to “return to their normal routine.”

Shortly after he made that announcement, according to Channel 2 in Israel, there were numerous victory demonstrations in both Gaza and the West Bank. As radical Islam prepares for its next round of war with Israel, we can expect Israel to look somewhere other than America for help in fighting the spread of radical Islam.

The Trumpet has long maintained, based on prophecies in Zechariah 11:14 and Hosea 5:13, that Israel would eventually lose its longstanding support from the United States, which will, in turn, lead to Israel’s desperate request for German intervention.

Gaza War Exposes Israel’s Deadly Wound

Every time Israel retreats, the terrorists advance.

What does the most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas reveal about the Middle East peace process? When Israel withdrew from Gaza seven years ago, many people said it would be the first step toward achieving peace in the Middle East. But instead, Israel’s departure opened the door for Hamas to take over and establish a terrorist camp right next to Israel.

Hamas Fakes Deaths to Manipulate World Opinion

Hamas Fakes Deaths to Manipulate World Opinion


Images of injured and dead people, supposedly Gazan victims of Israeli aggression, have been exposed as fakes, as Hamas continues to manipulate a susceptible media.

FoxNews.com on Tuesday reported on solid evidence that Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, together with Islamic Jihad, have not only been using civilians as human shields, deliberately putting them in danger, but have choreographed several seemingly gory scenes, as well as passed off images from other conflicts as Gazan civilians supposedly killed by Israel.

“In an attempt to persuade the world that Israel is committing war crimes and to distract attention away from the illegal and immoral use of their own population as human shields, Hamas has resorted to staging a number of fake deaths and scenes of severely injured people right in front of international tv crews,” FoxNews.com reports.

The bbc, for example, recently broadcast a video clip in which a man was carried off by four others, supposedly badly injured from an Israeli missile strike. A little later in the video, however, the same man reappeared, walking around completely uninjured. In another incident, a bbc correspondent re-tweeted a picture of a dead girl in Gaza—who, in fact, was killed in Syria three weeks earlier.

Paul Hirschson, spokesman for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, believes Hamas’s motive is to incite public opinion in the Arab world, so those populations in turn will put pressure on their governments to support Hamas.

Though Western media for the most part refuse to expose them, these tactics are not new for Hamas.

Hamas leaders are well aware of how to use the media to manipulate global opinion against Israel. Hamas has already been proven to stage events and concoct stories to gain pr advantage. Back in 2006, for example, it fabricated a story accusing Israel of killing innocent Palestinian civilians. Headlines around the world picked up on Hamas’s version of the story, yet further investigation ruled out Israeli involvement in the attack and instead pointed to evidence of Hamas responsibility.

During Israel’s last war with Hamas, the terrorist group aimed to cause as many civilian casualties as it could by firing rockets and taking cover behind human shields, often in densely populated places like schools and hospitals. Instead of outrage in the international arena being directed against Hamas, it was directed at Israel.

As we wrote back then,

It’s a simple strategy: Surround yourself with old men, young children and pregnant women; set up a launcher; fire a rocket into Israel; then hope and pray Israel retaliates by bombing the site from where the rocket was launched. After that, the bbc and its mainstream media counterparts will complete the strategy, spreading images of the dead Palestinians around the world, inciting the Muslim street and duping the Western world into lambasting Israel for its “war crimes” against “innocent” Gazan civilians.

Though the truth later came out, it didn’t receive the media attention it warranted.

The Palestinians’ tactic of using choreography and fake images to evoke sympathy around the world has been tried and tested also, and has been part of an extensive and ongoing effort to block the truth in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and warp world opinion against Israel.

Sadly, such tactics only succeed because of the eagerness of much of the West’s anti-Israel mainstream press to publicize any injustice done to Palestinians, even if it is manufactured, and because of the credulity of a misinformed public. For more information on how terrorist groups are exploiting the media, read “Manipulating the Media.”