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November 21, 2015  •  25 minutes  •  # $
He forecasted Germany would become the powerhouse of Europe—in 1945!

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Anyone familiar with the work of Herbert W. Armstrong will remember his many articles, booklets, radio programs and television shows on Bible prophecy. Perhaps the signature prophecy of his 50-year ministry had to do with Germany’s rise in Europe.

Just after World War ii, when Germany was in rubble, Mr. Armstrong was making statements about the German nation rising again to lead Europe. Fifty years ago Mr. Armstrong said, “Prophecy shows 10 kings … will arise in Europe and give their power to Germany.”

He knew in the 1950s that the European Economic Community was the beginning stage of the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. He knew there would eventually be a common currency. He knew there would be a political union. He knew that East and West Germany would eventually reunite, which it did in 1989, and that a revived German power would dominate a union of European nations—a union of 10 nations or kings.

Today, there are 28 nations in the European Union—17 of which are members of the eurozone. And yet, because of the many crises Europe is facing, there are now many prominent voices calling for radical change in Europe—even calling for a two-tiered Europe with a core union of around 10 eurozone nations.

There are still many details of Mr. Armstrong’s signature prophecy that haven’t yet been fulfilled. But it is remarkable that statements in the news today fall in line with what the Plain Truth magazine and Herbert Armstrong said back in the 1950s.

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