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February 6, 2016  •  26 minutes  •  # $
There is a way—but man has rejected that way.

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Outside the United Nations building in New York there is a bronze statue depicting a man beating a sword into a plowshare. The inspiration for the statue came from the book of Isaiah, chapter 2 verse 4. That scripture is a millennial prophecy about the time when mankind will “beat their swords into plowshares.”

The United Nations was supposed to be man’s greatest institution to forge peace. But since its establishment after World War ii, there have been more than 280 wars between nations. That amounts to more than four wars per year.

Despite the UN’s failure to put an end to war, leaders still pronounce a message of coming peace. They still speak as though peace is just around the corner! The Prophet Isaiah, who wrote the scripture that inspired the UN statue, also wrote that “the way of peace they know not” (Isaiah 59:8).

In the history of human civilization, it is estimated there have been some 15,000 wars. As Winston Churchill famously said, “The history of man is the history of war!”

Mankind does not know the way to peace. However, there is a way! But man has rejected it, which is why the more leaders talk about peace, the more war and violence we see.

On this episode of the Trumpet Daily, Stephen Flurry discusses what God’s Word—the Holy Bible—says about peace.