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April 23, 2016  •  27 minutes  •  # $
TV content is descending to new lows.

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TV Shows Are Going Way Too Far to Attract Viewers,” reads the title of a New York Post article published this month. “For nearly two decades, we’ve been told that this is the Golden Age of television: the smartest, deepest storytelling, the most nuanced and morally complex characters, are found here,” the article begins. But the so-called “Golden Age” in television is actually the promotion of disgusting extremes in immorality and violence.

If you were to go back in time 50 years, what a different world it would be—particularly in the world of television and entertainment. On tv in America, the most popular shows would be My Three Sons, Ozzie and Harriet and The Beverly Hillbillies. There was no profanity or sex on tv. Characters wouldn’t take God’s name in vain—or ridicule the Bible. And criminals always went to jail.

Compare that with a typical evening of television content today. Television today churns out a flood of illicit sex and graphic violence. And with each passing year, the content just gets worse and worse. Is it really just entertainment? Or is it a reflection of the real world we live in? And more importantly, what does God have to say about our entertainment-crazed, pleasure-seeking world?

It does matter what we are filling our minds with. We can’t just excuse the effect of these tv shows by saying the stories aren’t real—it does impact our minds. How are these types of shows affecting their audiences? How should true Christians handle television in our modern world? Find out on this episode of Trumpet Daily.