Just the Best Literature

Just the Best Literature is designed to inspire you to not only read printed books, but to read only the very best books. Besides books, host Dennis Leap will lead discussions on other current literature such as essays and important articles. Just the Best Literature is the biggest international book club you could ever belong to—for just the price of a few books, which you get to keep. Tuning in will help you develop the skills necessary to gain more value from what you are currently reading. Dennis Leap will give you tips on how to read more effectively, how to analyze what you read, how to think more deeply about what you read, and how to discuss books in scintillating discussions with your friends and family. Come join the conversation.

Host Dennis Leap, James Brandon and Brandon Nice discuss Ben Franklin’s early education. Besides learning the printing trade with his brother James, Ben taught himself to write as well as two of the best English essayists of his time, beginning at age 12 in his off hours!Ben Franklin’s self-motivation is truly amazing. This is proof that parents can expect more of their teens today and get positive results; America’s founding generation did. Parents need to follow the same example.

Host Dennis Leap gives scintillating background about how Ben Franklin and his brother James struggled to establish freedom of speech (and the press) in colonial Boston, Massachusetts. Ben leaves these details out of his autobiography.

Dennis Leap takes you into the fascinating background behind young Ben Franklin’s independent spirit.

Host Dennis Leap discusses fascinating facts about Benjamin Franklin not covered in his autobiography.

Host Dennis Leap discusses Hemingway’s philosophy of life as spoken through the character Santiago

Host Dennis Leap and James Brandon discuss pride, sin and suffering as seen with the character Santiago.

Deborah Leap, Robert Harmon & Dennis Leap discuss love & respect for parents and seniors, fishing, perseverance, and thoughts on retirement based on the characters of Santiago and Manolin.

Host Dennis Leap explains what led Ernest Hemingway to write The Old Man and The Sea and also leads a new panel in discussion of the major themes in this small masterpiece.

Host Dennis Leap explains the guideline he is following to choose books for Just the Best Literature and conducts the first panel discussion on The Old Man and the Sea with three Herbert W. Armstrong College English Language Literature students.

Host Dennis Leap and Trumpet writer Jeremiah Jacques discuss why reading books is important for an adult’s brain and mental health. Jeremiah Jacques discusses current studies about the positive effects reading has on Alzheimer’s patients.