Behind the Work

Behind the Work

God’s Work today is backed by a spiritual family of approximately 5,000 Philadelphia Church of God members and many more thousands of co-workers. The primary focus of a true Christian’s life is to contribute to the Work in any way possible, in the process preparing to teach the entire world in the near future. Tune in each Monday at 12 p.m. Central time for a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant and exciting Work of the living God through interviews, feature stories, updates and statistical rundowns. With the help of the Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, you will also learn how the Work of God today relates to the spectacular, miraculous, five-decade work of the end-time Elijah.

Satan resists God’s Work with all his might. Learn how to infuriate your fiercest foe.

Learn the one simple way to identify where Jesus Christ is working today.

We all must do this as we support God’s Work.

The Imperial Academy Code of Conduct helps God’s young people focus their lives on serving God’s Work.

General Michael Flynn visited the campus last week and held several speaking engagements. In his public lecture, he repeatedly stressed a simple solution to America in crisis: Repurpose your life.

We all start out going the wrong direction in life—until God jolts us onto the right track. What will it take for you to run in God’s direction?

What is the origin of modern education? Why has it failed to solve world problems? We’ll expose the rotten fruits of false education founded on the wrong foundation.

We all want to stay active and productive. We push the pace—but we must also pace the push. Learn the vital importance of God’s health laws to His Work.

God needs supporters of His Work who are dynamically alive! Learn how to be the opposite of the Sardis era of God’s Church, which was spiritually dead.

Utopia is already here on Earth. Soon, the whole world will see it.