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In recent weeks there has been a sharp increase in interest in doomsday scenarios and end-time prophecies. Why is there so much confusion and disagreement when it comes to Bible prophecy of end-time events? See what the Bible actually says about the end of this world.

In recent months, droughts, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes have swept across the globe like never before, leaving commentators at a loss for words. Many ask why God allows these “natural” disasters, but few have an answer. Is it possible that Jesus Christ has something to say about the weather we’re seeing today?

It’s the world’s number-one bestseller, yet few understand it. Is the Bible relevant in our present generation? Throughout scripture, God says the Bible was written and preserved primarily for our time today. Here is why you should study the Bible today, and how you can understand the book almost no one does.

When ancient Israel began its conquest of the Promised Land, they had to learn a hard lesson because of the sin of one man. This lesson of Achan at Ai still applies today.

The Bible is a mystery to most people. Not only is it a mystery to those in education and science, even religion doesn’t truly understand it! Though that is a shocking statement, you can prove it true. Here is how to remove the mystery of the Bible!

The patriarch Jacob is one of the most prominent personalities mentioned in Scripture. In this program, we’ll examine the remarkable life and circumstances that led to the conversion of this man—the man who became Israel.

Few people realize that the Christian life is one of constant struggle against sin. During the last night of His physical life, Jesus Christ encouraged His disciples to follow His example by saying, “Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” How then can we be an overcomer the way that Jesus Christ was an overcomer?

With people in every century absolutely sure they were living in the time of the end—the time shortly before the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth—how can we be sure that we are living in the last days?

Many people today think religious life is purely a matter of giving up all the fun and enjoyment of living in order to please God. But did God intend for us to endure a life of denial and gloom? Christ said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” God’s way of life is a joyous life—the way of real abundant living!

What is the cause of the recent severe weather? Is it global warming or something more? The Bible says that this severe weather is a sign that Christ is about to return!