Your Children Are God’s Royalty

From the book Child Rearing With Vision

Psalm 45 discusses converted parents and Jesus Christ’s return. Verse 10 describes Christ’s Bride (the Church), verse 15 addresses the marriage of Christ to His Bride, and then verse 16 focuses on the children of converted parents: “Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou mayest make princes in all the earth.”

Converted parents, your children are God’s princes and princesses of the World Tomorrow! Understand what this means. Very few humans will have this privilege. Furthermore, your children won’t remain princes and princesses: If you teach them to submit to God now and resist the ways of the world, your children will not only be the young royalty of the World Tomorrow, they will also grow to become God’s kings, just like you parents.

If your children remain faithful to God, they will be given the same reward as the rest of the firstfruits—being the Bride of Christ forever! Only those human beings who have resisted Satan and the ways of the world in this life will be given that magnificent reward. Those who are called in the Millennium or later will not marry Christ.

God puts your children, including teens, in a special and unique category—first princes or princesses, then kings who are married to Christ for all eternity!

So what will your children be doing as princes and princesses—until the time comes that they can become spirit God beings? The Bible shows that today’s converted and faithful parents—the kings and priests of the World Tomorrow—will be ruling and teaching mankind. They will not be spending much time on physical duties. Their primary role will be to educate mankind. For the most part, their children will attend to the physical details.

All the physical blessings the Bible talks about in the World Tomorrow—abundant prosperity, good health, tame animals—are for your children! Your properly reared children will be able to take advantage of those physical blessings. On the physical level, they will be the leaders in the World Tomorrow.

For practical, everyday examples of how to live, the young people and adults in the World Tomorrow will be looking to your children! The whole world will have just gone through the worst time of suffering ever. They will have also witnessed the magnificent, trumpet-blast return of Jesus Christ. Most will want to live God’s way! But on a practical, day-to-day level, they won’t know how.

Of course, you parents will be teaching them God’s way. But your teens and younger children will be the examples that other humans can look to—at school, in sports, at the markets, in everything. After all, your children will be the only beings in the physical realm with any prior knowledge or training in God’s way of life. They will be the only human beings ever to have lived God’s way of life on both sides of the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). And your children will be part of a tiny minority that has a parent who is a God! This is a tremendous level of responsibility God wants to put on the shoulders of your children. At the same time, it is an inspiring and unique opportunity that no one else will ever have!

Can you begin to comprehend the positions God is preparing for your children? Deeply meditate on and be inspired by these facts. It will make all the difference in your diligence in child rearing.

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