Philadelphia Trumpet  •  July 2003  •  Volume 14, No. 6
  • Cover Story
    Fated For Failure
    Why the Mideast peace process is still doomed
  • The Truth Behind the Peace Process
    President Bush is trying to resuscitate the peace process. How will the participants fare after another failed attempt?
  • Articles
    Shuffling the Deck
    Where the global realigning of U.S. troops is leading
  • The Buck Drops Here
    It has lost a quarter of its value against the euro in 18 months. What are the implications of the ailing U.S. dollar?
  • The Bullies of Europe
    A rift between “Old” and “New” Europe has recently been brought out in the open. The latest draft of the new EU constitution reveals Old Europe’s solution: a consolidation of control within those nations that drive the Union.
  • The Gatekeeper of Europe
    A year from now, the world’s largest federal union of nation-states will be formed, comprising the greatest trading bloc in the world. One nation is set to control the flow of goods and services produced by that monolithic federal economy.
  • Retooling for War
    Is Germany truly the pacifist country that the whole world has been led to believe that it is over the past 50 years? There is more than meets the eye behind the alleged change in the German national character.
  • Viewpoint: A Tale of Two Perspectives
    On one side of the world, a long-term historical outlook is keeping one World War ii antagonist in check; on the other side, short-sightedness is letting another rise to power.
  • Recolonizing Latin America?
    The EU and the Vatican have joined forces in a move reminiscent of the Holy Roman Empire’s dominance of Latin America in the 16th century.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Israel’s ‘Will to Withdraw’
  • Commentary
    The Education Crisis
    There is a real crisis in today’s education—but what is it?