Philadelphia Trumpet  •  August 1999  •  Volume 10, No. 7
  • Cover Story
    The Boiling Pot in Europe
    Events unfolding in Europe are going to cause World War III very soon. And yet most people are blind to the great crisis that is about to explode. You need to understand so you can escape the coming nightmare.
  • Return of The Old World Order (Part 2)
    As the dust of war settles over Kosovo and Serbia licks its bleeding wounds, the most profound effect of this latest Balkan crisis is beginning to dawn on some observers of the European scene. This Kosovo crisis has simply quickened the pace, dramatically, of the rise of imperial Europe.
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Germany is Conquering the Balkans!
  • Articles
    Watch North Korea
    A little nation presents a big challenge to American superpower.
  • Britain’s Final Choice: America or Europe
    At the end of World War II, Europe lay in rubble. One man warned for over 50 years that Germany would again rise to lead a united Europe, and that Britain would not be a part of that European Union. Thirteen years after his death, it appears Herbert W. Armstrong will be proven right.
  • The Search For a Compromise
    Once again the infamous Irish “peace process” has failed. This shoddy, unworkable compromise came crashing down on the very day that was to mark its greatest step forward.
  • Star Wars: The Religion
    Some laud the theology of Star Wars. But does Star Wars reflect a true religion?
  • Ending Your Financial Worries
    Despite an eight-year economic boom in America, personal bankruptcy filings for the last three years have hit record highs. Experts predict that by 2002, the U.S. will see a 43 percent increase to the astounding level of 2 million personal bankruptcies a year. Why are so many Americans experiencing the curse of such financial worries?