Fauci mocked his own COVID advice: ‘Laughing privately at the American rubes he was fooling’

Dr. Anthony Fauci privately mocked the public for following some of his own advice on preventing the spread of Covid-19, a former official in Donald Trump’s administration claimed in a new book.

Former White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern wrote that the infectious disease expert laughed at diners removing their masks at their tables, as well as a recommendation he made that people wear goggles, according to experts published by the New York Post.

“I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything,” Morgenstern wrote in Vignettes & Vino: Dinner Table Stories from the Trump White House with Recipes & Cocktail Pairings, which will be released on October 25 by Post Hill Press.