While China and Russia make strategic military gains, the USA goes woke for broke

The US leadership has been working to disarm the United States nuclear weapons forces from 2008-2016, 2020-2022, and has now succeeded.

Meanwhile, Russia and China have made strategic gains with nuclear weapons.

Shockingly, an objective ranking of offensive and defensive nuclear military power might look something like this:

Russia and China: Overwhelming technology and weapons, including hypersonic and space warfare weapons.

Iran and Israel: Modern, effective ICBM and medium-range offensive weapons.

USA: Outdated Cold War nuclear technology and a Woke military.

How did the USA get to this situation where we have very little nuclear deterrence in a dangerous world?

The person who is reportedly the actual White House decision maker today while the president suffers from dementia, former President Barack Obama, has been an opponent of everything from handguns to nuclear weapons.