Record-low 38% extremely proud to be American

The 38% of U.S. adults who say they are “extremely proud” to be American is the lowest in Gallup’s trend, which began in 2001. Still, together with the 27% who are “very proud,” 65% of U.S. adults express pride in the nation. Another 22% say they are “moderately proud,” while 9% are “only a little” and 4% “not at all” proud.

This record-low level of extreme national pride comes at a challenging time in the U.S. as a pandemic-weary public is struggling with the highest U.S. inflation rate in more than four decades. These data are from a June 1-20 poll that was conducted after mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, claimed 31 lives, including 19 children. Bipartisan gun legislation in response to the shootings was passed shortly after the poll ended. The polling also preceded the U.S. Supreme Court’s highly anticipated and controversial ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

While the current 38% expressing extreme pride is the historical low by four percentage points, the combined 65% reading for those who are extremely or very proud was two points lower in 2020 than it is today. The current readings are well below the trend averages of 55% extremely proud and 80% extremely or very proud.

theTrumpet says…

In the introduction to his booklet Great Again, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes:

Do you believe the United States of America has been mainly a positive force in the world for most of its history?

Do you have a favorable view of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, separation of powers, rule of law, Manifest Destiny, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, free-market economy and America’s role in World Wars i and ii?

If you do, then surely you are deeply alarmed by the state of America today.

All of these pillars of American history and identity are being vilified and destroyed. America’s educators are teaching oncoming generations to be embarrassed by them. Even the nation’s leaders see them as shameful. On many foundational issues, they share the views of America’s worst enemies!

The decline in patriotism is a result of a deliberate assault, which the mainstream media cannot see. America has combated tyranny and autocracy in this world, but now it is being undermined from within.

“There is a spiritual dimension to America’s decline that most people do not see,” writes Mr. Flurry. That dimension is critical to truly understand why patriotism in America is declining.

To learn more, please request Mr. Flurry’s free booklet Great Again.