North Korea to lead UN nuclear disarmament conference

Rogue state has carried out six missile tests so far this year and is under US sanctions for its nuclear arms programme

Nuclear-armed North Korea, which fired two ballistic missiles into the sea on Thursday, will lead the UN Conference on Disarmament later this year.

The United Nations said the rogue state, which has carried out six missile launches this year, would assume the presidency of the conference for one month from May 30.

It is one of six countries to take on the four-week role in alphabetical order, along with China, Colombia, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ecuador.

UN Watch, a NGO based in Geneva, said the US and European ambassadors should walk out of the conference, which has 65 member states and focuses on nuclear disarmament, when North Korea takes the helm.

“This is a country that threatens to attack other UN member states with missiles, and that commits atrocities against its own people,’ Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, said.

theTrumpet says…

Here’s what we write in our free booklet He Was Right:

The UN appears to routinely give key positions to the most ludicrous candidates available. Back in April 2007, Iran was appointed vice chairman of the UN Disarmament Commission. This is the same defiant nation that repeatedly brags about its success in deceiving Western powers regarding disarmament of its nuclear weapons program. It is also the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism.

Also in 2007, Syria was appointed vice president of the Atomic Energy Agency, and Zimbabwe was elected chair of the Commission on Sustainable Development. That was just a few months before the zenith of Zimbabwe’s astonishing hyperinflation crisis. That crisis culminated in Zimbabwe printing a $100 trillion bank note. The bill said $100 trillion on it—that’s a one with 14 zeros—but within a few months of being printed, it was worth virtually nothing. Does that sound like the kind of country that should head up an international commission focused on making nations economically strong?

In 2013, Libya was made chair of Disarmament International Security, with Iran as its rapporteur. “Allowing Iran to be on the UN committee dealing with nuclear disarmament and weapons proliferation is like inviting Assad, the Syrian dictator responsible for the death of 100,000 of his own people, to be the head of the population census bureau,” Israel’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor, said of the shameful move.

2013 also saw China, Russia and Saudi Arabia appointed to the UN’s Human Rights Council. These selections unleashed a firestorm of criticism by analysts who decry these nations’ atrocious human rights records at home. “It was like electing a pyromaniac as chief of the fire department,” one critic of Russia’s appointment said.

In April 2014, in a particularly laughable selection, Iran was given a seat on the women’s rights commission. This means the nation that routinely lashes women for revealing an ankle and stones them for being raped now has influence over global women’s rights.

The list of ridiculous UN appointments and elections could go on.

The booklet explains why the Bible says the UN will fail:

The UN was billed as man’s last hope for peace. But now it is clear that, just as Mr. Armstrong wrote in his 1966 booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like, “Man has failed his last chance!” Rather than preventing World War iii, the UN has posted German troops right on the doorstep of Israel. As noted elsewhere in this booklet, it is the German invasion of the Middle East that will mark the beginning of World War iii. Instead of preventing catastrophe, the UN is helping bring it about.

As Romans 3:17 says, mankind really does not know the way to peace. Does that mean all hope is lost? No! “Now God must step in—or we perish!” Mr. Armstrong wrote. That is mankind’s real hope for peace.

The UN’s failed efforts to bring peace to the world will soon be replaced by wonderfully successful efforts spearheaded by Jesus Christ—the Prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6). He will rule the entire Earth, uniting all nations in His way of prosperity!

That is man’s only hope for peace. That is prophesied clearly in the Bible. Mr. Armstrong restated it for many to hear. The Trumpet prophesies the same message today so that even more can hear it. And in a very short time, that prophecy will mercifully come to pass!