Biden administration plans to kill America’s energy sector

One of the most impactful of these upcoming unilateral regulations will be the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) methane rule. Earlier this year, the Biden administration reinstated regulations on methane that were implemented during the Obama administration and subsequently rolled back by the Trump administration. However, simply restoring it wasn’t enough for activists and progressives. They demanded that the rules needed to go even further than what former president Barack Obama had put into place, and the new administration appears to be caving.

This attempt to limit methane emissions is going to have an outsized impact on smaller and independent energy producers, while major multinational companies will continue making money hand over fist. That could mean significant job losses for American energy workers in states like Texas and North Dakota. Killing American jobs is par for the course under the current administration, of course. We’ve already seen thousands of pipeline workers lose their livelihoods as a result of the Biden administration’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.

That should not come as much of a surprise for anyone who has been following what has happened with the EPA since Joe Biden took office.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration purged dozens of scientists who were serving in advisory roles to the EPA. These legitimate, qualified experts were fired because activists disliked the fact that they were appointed by President Donald Trump and believed that they weren’t hostile enough toward the fossil fuel industry. Michael Regan, Biden’s EPA administrator, claimed that the purge would “ensure the agency receives the best possible scientific insight.” In reality, it allowed Regan to play politics with science and appoint individuals who share his bias and agenda. …

The Green New Deal and the Democrats’ radical climate agenda will punish America, while giving the upper hand to less environmentally friendly competitors like China. America spent decades fighting for energy independence. Under President Trump, we finally achieved it. Now, Joe Biden wants to cede that independence back to other countries, including our most dangerous adversary.