Joe Biden: U.S. no longer the world’s policeman

President declares an end to the era of America ‘remaking other countries’ after Afghanistan withdrawal

Joe Biden on Tuesday night said that concluding the war in Afghanistan marked the end of the era of America “remaking” nations.

The President indicated a retreat in the United States’ role as the world’s policeman, suggesting he would only intervene in future if there were clear goals and a fundamental national interest for the US.

In comments that will be of concern to allies Mr Biden said he was overhauling US foreign policy, and appeared to move away from engagement in the world.

He said: “As we turn the page on the foreign policy that has guided our nation for the last two decades we have got to learn from our mistakes.

“To me, there are two that are paramount. First, we set missions with clear, achievable goals, not ones we will never reach.

“And, second, we will stay clearly focused on the fundamental national security interest of the United States of America.”

Many of the US interventions since the Second World War would arguably have failed Mr Biden’s tests, including in Vietnam, Libya, Iraq and Somalia.

His position marked a departure from American foreign policy since 1945 and struck a warning for allies reliant on US help.