Biden Department of Justice threatens to sue to lock in 2020 election chaos

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice issued two “guidance documents” purportedly “to ensure states fully comply with federal laws regarding election.” Those documents, however, really represent the Biden administration’s latest attempt to squelch investigations into potential voting irregularities, silence critics of the 2020 election, and cement forever the free-for-all COVID voting “procedures” implemented last voting cycle.

Wednesday’s guidance came in the form of two documents entitled, respectively, ”Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election ‘Audits’” and “Guidance Concerning Federal Statutes Affecting Methods of Voting.” In the DOJ’s guidance on post-election audits, the Biden administration began with its familiar refrain that “the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history,” and that notwithstanding “automatic recounts or canvasses,” there was no evidence “of either wrongdoing or mistakes that casts any doubt on the outcome of the national election results.”

Yet, as the DOJ put it, there has since been an “unusual second round of examinations” by states looking at “certain ballots, election records, and election systems used to conduct elections in 2020.” Then, with a not-so-veiled threat, the Biden administration rattled off the “federal constraints, which are enforced by the Department of Justice,” on these audits. …

After noting favorably the record turnout seen in 2020, stemming from the increased use of vote by mail and early voting, the DOJ explained that since then, “some States have responded by permanently adopting their COVID-19 modifications; by contrast, other States have barred continued use of those practices or have imposed additional restrictions on voting by mail or early voting.”

While one would think that returning to pre-COVID voting procedures would pose no legal problem—after all, if a voting rule was valid before COVID, why would it be illegal now—the Biden Department of Justice sees things differently.

“The Department’s enforcement policy does not consider a jurisdiction’s re-adoption of prior voting laws or procedures to be presumptively lawful,” the guidance document reads. Rather, “the Department will review a jurisdiction’s changes in voting laws or procedures for compliance with all federal laws regarding elections, as the facts and circumstances warrant.”

In other words: Red states, prepare to be sued.

theTrumpet says…

As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote last year, covid-19 provided the radical left the perfect excuse to expand the use of mail-in ballots. He wrote:

Just look at the way it all happened: Several of the states President Trump was winning on election night simply stopped counting for four or five hours. They were all synchronized. I believe Democrats were beginning to see that they didn’t have enough votes—so they had to find a way to get them.  

Then, as mail-in ballots were counted, everything changed. Those states all ended up switching over to former Vice President Biden. Isn’t that amazing?  

Mail-in ballots open the door for terrible fraud. Did you know that among the 27 countries in the European Union, 17 ban mail-in voting except in very rare cases? They know how susceptible such ballots are to fraud. Yet Democrats have used the coronavirus pandemic as a pretense to encourage as much mail-in voting as possible—and even to extend deadlines past Election Day. I truly believe they did that to enable themselves to steal this election—and I say that without apology! They have a long history of using voter fraud to sway elections.

Back in June, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party filed a lawsuit demanding that the state of Pennsylvania count mail-in ballots received up to three days after Election Day. Pennsylvania law required that mail-in ballots be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day, but the Democrats wanted to use the courts to rewrite state law. This demand was a clear act of judicial activism, but the majority of the state Supreme Court judges in Pennsylvania are elected Democrats. So on September 17, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled 4–3 to rewrite Pennsylvania’s election statutes and allow mail-in ballots to be received until November 6.  

His article Donald Trump Is Going to Win This Election” explains how the radical left stole the election. And his update to it, “Why I Still Believe Donald Trump Is Coming Back,” explains what will happen next.