Biden appeased Moscow

Imagine a U.S. president who negotiated a deal allowing Russia to complete an $11 billion natural gas pipeline to Germany over the strenuous objections of Ukraine, Poland and both parties in Congress. Sounds like Donald Trump, right? Well it’s actually Joe Biden, the guy who defeated Trump in the 2020 election in part by campaigning on what a Russian patsy the incumbent was.

This is the great irony of Biden’s agreement with Germany to drop U.S. sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. And a reason Republicans are trying a last-minute plan to scuttle the deal.

The final agreement includes a few sweeteners for Ukraine, which stands to lose billions of dollars in revenue because the pipeline bypasses its territory. There is a commitment to help Ukraine diversify into green energy. There is a provision that the U.S. and Germany will consider sanctions if Russia uses the pipeline as an energy weapon against Europe. But at the end of the day, Biden appeased Moscow and got next to nothing in return…

Now, some Republican lawmakers, led by Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, are considering a longshot maneuver to kill the deal with Germany. Under the countering adversaries law, they feel, the administration is obligated to designate Nord Stream 2 AG, the Swiss-based subsidiary overseeing the pipeline, and should not be free to immediately waive such sanctions, as it has in the past. As Toomey’s office told me: “Irrespective of the Biden administration’s mistaken policy choices, the president has an obligation to follow existing law … and sanction Nord Stream II AG.” 

It’s unclear if this gambit will work. But either way, it shows just how hollow the Democratic Party’s positioning on Russia was during the Trump years. The man who defeated Trump in 2020 is now reversing his toughest policy against Russia.

theTrumpet says…

America’s weakness has consistently allowed Russia to rise. Here’s what Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes on the subject in his booklet The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’:

The Ukraine attack was an audacious move by Russia! America did nothing. Washington has become so weak that it wouldn’t even support the Ukrainian protesters with strong words!

In 1994, America persuaded the Ukrainians to get rid of the Soviet nuclear weapons stored in their country. We promised to protect them. But we wouldn’t even send them conventional arms to fight against the Russian invasion! This is the treacherous way we treat our allies!

Few Americans realize what a massive disaster this is for America and its future. As Russia, China, Iran and a German-led Europe expand their spheres of influence and grow in strength, American foreign policy has become an international joke! …

The West has mostly been silent about the depth of this man’s evil. Under his rule, Russia has become the world’s most dangerous superpower at this time. America’s military might is shrinking fast and its will is completely broken.

The Ukraine crisis exposed U.S. weakness most of all. It demonstrated how the American superpower has almost disappeared from the world scene! Where is America providing any real leadership in the world? All we see is shameful retreat.

This means that one of those fierce, tiger-like empires will soon pounce on the U.S. and devour it. This is the lesson of history. But far more importantly, your Bible prophesies that it will happen.

President Putin has military might and the will to use it. America has the power but lacks the will to use it. That is why we grovel before this “evil empire”—as President Ronald Reagan once called it. No leader in Russia has equaled Putin’s diabolical evil since Joseph Stalin.