Vaccine passports for work considered by nearly a third of major businesses

Vaccine passports in the workplace are being considered by nearly a third of major businesses, according to industry surveys.

More than 30 per cent of large UK firms have signalled that staff may be asked for proof of vaccination before they can physically return to work.

It comes after the Government appeared to suggest that the NHS App should be used by businesses to ensure office workers had received both jabs.

In a survey of 1,000 firms conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce, 31 per cent of firms with more than 50 employees suggested they were considering introducing so-called vaccine passports.

Nine per cent said they already required staff to provide proof of vaccination, while eight per cent said they were “likely” to introduce it in the future. Others said they were gathering more information before making a final decision.

theTrumpet says…

Now is a good time to be thinking about where you put your trust for health and healing. We all put our trust in something. Most of us place it partly or wholly in the medical establishment—even when that establishment is inherently limited to what human beings can scientifically discover—even when what it discovers is then discovered to be wrong just months or weeks later—even when advancements in science are constantly outpaced by advancements in disease—even when the medical method of “healing” is not to return the body to its natural state but to make it even less natural with chemicals and scalpels—even when much of the medical industry has nothing to do with science or healing and has everything to do with pharmaceutical stockholders and political agendas.

Regarding your health, your body, your life, you need to understand the truth. The truth is that physical, biological laws exist. Obeying them causes the effect of good health. Breaking them causes the effect of poor health.

The late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in The Plain Truth About Healing, “Medical ‘science’ operates primarily on that method—trying, with medicines, to prevent God’s law from exacting its penalty. That theory says, in effect, we can transgress God’s law and then prevent God’s law from exacting its penalty. The theory is: The sufferer has in his body one poison, so we add another poison in the form of medicine. And one poison plus one more poison equals no poison!” The covid-19 vaccine rollout is a full expression of this distorted theory.

It is amazing the lengths to which human beings will go to “cure” themselves, so long as they can avoid submitting to the laws of the very Creator of human bodies and minds. God’s arithmetic is one poison minus that one poison equals no poison. And yes, it requires obeying the laws of the Creator and even the intervention of the Creator.

Gotten Your Jab Yet?”, July 2021, Philadelphia Trumpet