Facebook using fake fact checks to curb Fauci email reporting

Facebook is actively using its Big Tech powers to censor and suppress reporting about the release of Anthony Fauci’s emails.

The Silicon Valley giant has long played an active role in censoring theories about COVID-19’s origin, even threatening those who alleged the virus could’ve been manmade and leaked from the Wuhan lab with suspensions and bans. Shortly after President Joe Biden reinstated an inquiry into the virus’s beginnings, however, Facebook announced it would no longer suppress claims that COVID-19 was not naturally created.

While the Big Tech company has started to backtrack on some of its censorship efforts, Facebook still remains dedicated to removing “false claims” about any of the COVID-19 vaccines from its site and has reportedly begun censoring posts related to the release of Fauci’s emails.

Several users took to Twitter on Wednesday and Thursday to complain that their comments and posts discussing the emails, or even posting a screenshot of the publicized information, were cited as reasons for their removal or event account suspension. Some of these alleged bans appeared to be enforced for at least three days.

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