The real reason women now feel unsafe

Yes, there is a problem of men all too frequently harassing, stalking or groping women in public. And yes, too many men are violent to their female partners (although research has persistently found that it is mostly women who initiate domestic violence against their male partners and not the other way round, a finding confirmed by more than 200 studies of intimate violence as reported here). 

But there are many men for whom all such behaviour would be abhorrent.  They wouldn’t dream of harassing, abusing or attacking a woman. These are almost always men who have themselves been brought up in stable families with decent male role models, and which adhere to strong codes of self-restraint, civility and respect for women. Where whole communities adhere to such values, often because they consist of certain religious, ethnic or other tightly-knit cultures, women in those neighbourhoods feel safe when out at night alone. 

So this is not a problem with masculinity. It’s a problem with the erosion of the social, cultural and moral codes which restrain the savage and uncivilised in all of us.

One major contributory factor to this erosion is the prevalence of pornography and the appalling reluctance of anyone to curb it. It’s not just that pornography objectifies women. It’s that the images circulating on social media are as depraved and bestial as they are now widely available. They persuade boys and men that the physical and  sexual abuse to which they see women being subjected in such images is normal behaviour for both men and women. They constitute social conditioning in degeneracy.

This vile material is now being viewed by teenagers and even young children…

There’s a deeper problem still than pornography, and that’s the destruction of the sexual contract by women themselves. Back in the seventies and eighties, feminists declared the sexual liberation of women. Equality meant women making themselves sexually available, just like men. Furthermore, since men were now declared to be a violent and dissolute waste of space, women would now bring up their children without their baby’s father. Men were to be regarded instead merely as sperm donors, walking wallets, transient sexual partners and occasional au pairs. 

The result has been catastrophic for men, women and children. Set loose from the sexual contract which had tamed them by binding them into responsible family life, some boys and men reverted to caveman patterns of brutish behaviour.

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