Trump fights the Marxist 1619 project that inspired riots

On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that he would sign an executive order to launch a “1776 Commission” for American patriotism in education, countering the Marxist critical race theory of The New York Times‘ “1619 Project.” In his remarks, Trump tied the deadly and destructive riots that broke out across America this summer to the noxious ideology of Marxist critical race theory and championed the virtues of America’s founding in opposition to the “twisted web of lies” undermining American patriotism.

“Our mission is to defend the legacy of America’s founding, the virtue of America’s heroes, and the nobility of the American character. We must clear away the twisted web of lies in our schools and classrooms, and teach our children the magnificent truth about our country,” Trump declared.

He noted that on this day in 1787, America adopted the U.S. Constitution. He hailed the Constitution as “the fulfillment of a thousand years of Western civilization. No political document has done more to advance the human condition or propel the engine of progress. A radical movement is attempting to demolish this treasured inheritance. We can’t let that happen.”

Marxism, riots, and the 1619 Project

“Left-wing mobs have torn down statues of our Founders, desecrated our memorials, and carried out a campaign of violence and anarchy,” Trump noted. “Far-left demonstrators have chanted the words ‘America was never great.’ The Left has launched a vicious and violent assault on law enforcement, the universal symbol of the rule of law in America. These radicals have been aided and abetted by liberal politicians, establishment media, and even large corporations.”

“Whether it is the mob on the street or the cancel culture in the board room, the goal is the same: to silence dissent, to scare you out of speaking the truth, and to bully Americans into abandoning their values, their heritage, and their very way of life,” Trump warned.

Referencing his powerful speech at Mount Rushmore, the president warned that “the left-wing rioting and mayhem are the direct result of left-wing indoctrination in our schools.”

“Our children are instructed from propaganda tracts, like those of Howard Zinn, that try to make students ashamed of their own history. The Left has warped, distorted, and defiled the American story with deceptions, falsehoods, and lies,” Trump declared. Indeed, Mary Grabar’s new book Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America explains how Zinn twisted the truth to demonize America.

The president also castigated the 1619 Project. “This project rewrites American history to teach our children that we were founded on the principle of oppression, not freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth. America’s founding set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery, secured civil rights, defeated communism and fascism, and built the most fair, equal, and prosperous nation in human history,” he declared.

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