The myth of a ‘privacy loving’ Harry and Meghan

Is there anything we do not know about Harry and Meghan? They might have ‘stepped back’ as senior royals in order to avoid the media spotlight. They might have a habit of suing newspapers and photographers for breaching their privacy and a fondness for elaborate screens and fences around their various homes. But with the publication of Finding Freedom, there is surely no intimate detail of this apparently privacy-loving couple’s life that has not been made public…No detail is too personal or simply too trivial to be left unshared.

Despite revealing details that presumably only people who were in the room when it happened could ever conceivably know, we are expected to believe that Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie wrote Finding Freedom without input from the Sussexes. But Harry and Meghan’s silence speaks volumes. There are no threats of lawsuits against Durand and Scobie. We can only conclude that the Duke and Duchess very much approve.

And why shouldn’t they? In Finding Freedom our intrepid heroes bravely triumph over the snobby brother, the unfriendly sister-in-law and pompous palace officials…

Where Harry and Meghan share every intimate detail of their lives with the world, the Queen and Prince Philip offer only rare snapshots. We know how Harry and Meghan feel about everything and everyone: the Queen and Prince Philip keep their counsel. Her Majesty embodies a lifelong commitment to service and duty, Harry and Meghan seem dedicated only to themselves. Whereas the Queen, as head of state, is rooted within the nation, Harry and Meghan have more in common with a global elite than people here in the UK.

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