Ignore the EU on annexation

Right on cue, the European Union has erupted volcano-like, spewing threats and hot ash against Israel lest even limited annexation occur.

For more than a month, the EU has been leading a “diplomatic push” to stop Israel, for which EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell claims to have enlisted “all diplomatic capacities.”

Heading into a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council this past May, Borrell declared Israel’s annexation plans “the most important item on the agenda.”

Imagine that. There is a global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people the world over. But the EU’s foremost issue is tiny Israel and preventing its annexation plans.

Throughout this “diplomatic push,” Assad’s genocidal war still rages on in Syria, with Russia’s support. Turkey, an EU-member hopeful, beyond hunting Kurds in Idlib, has launched airstrikes in Iraq and supported insurgencies in Libya and Yemen. China threatens India, as North Korea escalates tensions with the South. Iran, significantly, blocked the IAEA from inspecting its nuclear sites. All of this is nestled amid the spread of the coronavirus that has laid waste to world economies and spread so much fear and catastrophe. And yet the EU marches on with its unceasing obsession with Israel…

For millennia, Europe has served as a giant cemetery for Jewry, the continent being the literal birthing ground of antisemitism. Following the Holocaust, classic antisemitism died down. But, European anti-Jewishness has been reborn in its diplomatic bias against Israel. The EU has spent much of the last few decades defending (or suspiciously releasing) terrorists while heaping blame and shame upon Israel.

In 1973, as Israel faced destruction at the hands of three invading armies, not one European country – save Gibraltar – would allow Nixon’s urgent military airlift to so much as refuel on its soil, even as the arms to be delivered were deemed vital to Israel’s survival…

Recently, Israel’s mistrust has been reinforced by the EU’s rise as the Western world’s foremost apologist for Iran. The Jewish community, globally, is losing trust in Brussels’s resolve to protect Jews living within the EU.

Thus, it’s inherently insulting, if not entirely laughable, that the EU would even dare tell a country that actually protects Jews how exactly it should do it. Worse, though, is Europe’s insistence that it meddles in matters of Israel’s security for Israel’s security’s sake.

Suspiciously, it’s only on the topic of annexation that Borrell suddenly finds Israel’s security “nonnegotiable.” On the topic of an Iranian nuclear bomb, Israel’s security becomes negotiable to the extreme.

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