Obama to the rescue

The real candidate running under the “Joe Biden” label is his former boss, who is certainly not a racist—which is why none of Biden’s public stands and votes matters much to anyone.

That “Joe Biden” is merely Obama’s avatar has been plain since mid-April, when Trump’s predecessor decided to “reenter the political arena”—i.e., to discard the fiction that he isn’t running the Democratic Party from his mansion in Kalorama. Obama is the first president to stay in Washington after leaving office since Woodrow Wilson. The 28th president stayed because he’d suffered a stroke in his second term and was incapacitated. The Obamas argued that they wanted their youngest daughter, Sasha, to finish up at her D.C. private school.

In 2019, Sasha graduated from high school. Last fall, she matriculated at the University of Michigan. Yet none of the journalists who were on such easy terms with the 44th president ever bothered to ask him or top aide Valerie Jarrett, who has an office in his house, why he has chosen to remain in the Kalorama neighborhood—a 10-minute downhill bike ride to the White House.

The 58-year-old Obama remains the de facto leader of the Democratic Party, and he knows better than anyone that his old friend is not at the top of his game…

According to one of The New York Times articles he tweeted, even some Republicans approve of the idea. So why hadn’t the Founding Fathers thought of this really terrific initiative back when Ben Franklin was postmaster general? Because what is obvious today was also obvious 240 years ago, and to everyone who has ever seriously studied the issue since—voting by mail is an invitation to voter fraud.

Sure, Democrats see the lockdown as an opportunity to push their agenda. Hillary Clinton clumsily restated Rahm Emanuel’s slogan during her recent appearance in a Biden video town hall—“Don’t let a crisis go to waste!” But the reason Obama tweeted about vote by mail—not once, but three times—wasn’t simply to push a particular policy. More importantly, it was an opportunity for Obama to push back the curtain and reassure the party: Relax, I’m here.

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