Left aims to use virus scares to tamper with voting systems

“It is only when the other party is concerned or feels threatened,” the hard-left activist and political theorist Saul Alinsky wrote, “that he will listen—in the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication.”

COVID-19 and the economic ramifications of the subsequent lockdowns are nothing if not a serious crisis. Now some are hoping to achieve previously unattainable voting changes, such as universal mail-in balloting.

Another interesting trend has emerged as well: Calls to end the Electoral College are often paired with calls to enact mail-in voting. Are the two moves seen as serving the same end? Or are they merely two goals that would seem unachievable, but for the crisis thrust upon us?

“Abolish the electoral college,” Rep. Joe Kennedy III tweeted on April 29. “End the filibuster. Enact vote by mail.”