Obama ‘wingman’ Eric Holder claims ‘unprecedented’ politicization of DOJ under Trump

Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, has spoken out about the recent developments in the Roger Stone case.

“Do not underestimate the danger of this situation,” Holder tweeted.  “The political appointees in the DOJ are involving themselves in an inappropriate way in cases involving political allies of the President. This affects the rule of law and respect for it. Unprecedented.”

Unprecedented? It’s absurd the way Eric Holder likes to pretend that the Justice Department wasn’t politicized and weaponized from day one on his watch. As I pointed out earlier, during the Obama administration, the Justice Department repeatedly protected allies of Barack Obama, including Holder himself.

Ari Melber, the chief legal correspondent at MSNBC, also reports that Holder called the Stone situation “aberrant and inconsistent with a Justice Department acting in a traditional, non-political way.” That’s rich. ”It disrespects the career prosecutors whom I greatly respect,” he added. “Actions such as these put at risk the perceived - and real- neutral enforcement of our laws & ultimately endanger the fabric of our democracy,” Holder continued.

Are you kidding me? Eric Holder is the last person who should be lecturing anyone about the dangers of politicizing the Department of Justice. And yet, here he is, pretending he was a bastion of objectivity. 

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