Tyranny at the door in Virginia

The gun grabbers are at it again, this time in Virginia. Sadly, it didn’t just happen overnight; it’s been building for years.

It began when Ralph “Blackface” Northam became the governor of Virginia in 2017, then advanced another step when the Democratic Party took control of the Virginia General Assembly last year. In part, these events transpired because of the efforts by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros to put Virginia in their crosshairs by dumping millions of dollars into state and local elections. With Northam at the helm and a general assembly ready to back his every wish, gun control legislation began pouring into the capital.

State law up to the Supreme Court. I’d imagine the lawyers in Virginia are already lined up for Monday/Tuesday’s “vote.”

Earlier this week, the state senate judiciary committee, voting along straight party lines, passed bills that would require background checks on all private transfers of firearms, let owners keep their banned firearms only if they register with the Virginia State Police, and ban suppressors and any magazines over 10 rounds. The committee also passed red-flag legislation.

Most observers are of the opinion that this legislation will be jammed through on the state senate floor next week. Mind you, all of this, Democrats claim, is “common-sense gun control” meant to deter criminals. That’s a lie. It’s yet another attempt by the gun-grabbers on the Left to disarm private citizens.

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