Environmentalists made Australia’s bushfires worse

Man-made culprit #2: well-meaning idiots who don’t understand that unless you manage forested areas with controlled burns, you’re going to end up with out-of-control wildfires.

Jo Nova has a damning story about locals in East Gippsland in the state of Victoria who successfully stopped a planned controlled burn at Nowa Nowa. Two of them were pictured holding signs saying, “Spring burns kill baby birds alive” and “Stop burning nesting birds”.

One grandmother was quoted as saying, “I’m more worried about climate change, and the impact the burns are having. I’m worried for my grandchildren.”

ABC — the excruciatingly left-wing Australian Broadcasting Company, so woke it makes the BBC and CNN look like Fox News — reported on the protests with some enthusiasm last September but has since mysteriously decided to delete the story from Facebook.

If this is the kind of obstructive idiocy that the mainstream media and the junk-science climate alarmism industry have created with their global warming propaganda, then the mainstream media and the junk-science climate alarmism industry have blood on their hands.

Man-made culprit #3: Greens

The people most to blame for the Australian bush fires are the greens. Just like in California, their tree-hugging Gaia worship blinded them to the reality that forests need regular clearance and maintenance if they are not to become a major fire hazard. Some Australian politicians on the right side of the argument are well aware of this:

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