How the left is politicizing children’s books

[M]uch of the current offerings published recently aren’t about helping children see themselves in a book but indoctrinating children into a particular political and ideological persuasion. The message being sent to children is that all of the world’s ills can be fixed if they turn to activism. No child is too young to start.

I wondered how and why this change is happening so rapidly. Part of the reason is the simple fact that children’s book authors, publishers, editors, and agents overwhelmingly vote Democrat and the industry is mirroring the swift changes in the Democratic Party. Many industry people publicly display their political opinions on Twitter and Facebook. For example, this agent tweets more about his political views than he does his clients or their books…

On, New York Times bestselling author Caroline Paul wrote an article entitled “Activism isn’t just for adults and teens. We need to teach younger kids to be activists, too.” She wrote, “I wish I’d been taught concepts like privilege, prejudice and intersectionality at that tender young age, instead of bumbling all the way through early adulthood ignorant of primal social forces.” To aid teachers and parents in teaching this activism, here are some current children’s books on the topic:

Simply providing activist books, however, is not enough. Many teachers and librarians seem dedicated to eradicating “the classics” in an attempt to make room for more “relevant” literature.

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