Boris Johnson’s cabinet choices point to assertive policy from UK government

Appointments of Dominic Raab and Ben Wallace suggest new British PM to take more robust approach to global security challenges, including in the Middle East

The dramatic changes in personnel Boris Johnson, Britain’s new prime minister, has made to his cabinet are designed to send a clear and unequivocal message to the outside world: this is a government that means business.

After the three years of prevarication and perceived weakness on the international stage that came to define outgoing prime minister Theresa May’s term at Downing Street, Mr Johnson is clearly intent on instilling a modicum of Britain’s famous bulldog spirit in the outlook of his government…

priority of Mr Johnson’s government for the immediate future, the selection of many key ministers with a right-of-centre outlook is also likely to have a profound impact on Britain’s dealings with the outside world, particularly with regard to the Trump administration in Washington.

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