Sorry my heartless little jihadi bride, but you made your bed and now you can lie in it

Under normal circumstances, a young mother who has lost two children and is heavily pregnant with a third in traumatic circumstances would command enormous sympathy. The fact that Shamima Begum provokes quite different emotions, many the opposite of pity, is because the Bethnal Green-born 19-year-old left this country to join Isil, a terrorist group dedicated to waging merciless war on our way of life.

Millions of us will recoil at the notion of Begum being allowed to “come home to Britain” as she now says she wants to after fleeing Isil’s last stand and making her way to a refugee camp. Although she claims she has no regrets about joining Islamic State, Begum’s lawyers will no doubt be delighted to exploit the very freedoms and human rights which Isil exists to wipe out.

This makes otherwise compassionate people very cross. So does the thought of as many as 80 other British women (and their children), including members of Britain’s biggest suspected female terror cell, being waved back into the UK where, at worst, they are required to attend touchingly optimistic “deradicalisation” classes. Regardless of the risk they may pose to innocent people…

In four years, Shamima Begum has supp’d full with horrors, becoming a mother twice when she should have been in the sixth form, enjoying the benefits of the country she was lucky enough to be born in. Now, showing no remorse whatsoever, she expects to resume those benefits, have her baby delivered by the NHS and accommodation provided for her in the place she suddenly chooses to call home.

It’s not her home. She has betrayed it. She has allied herself with unspeakable evil. It’s quite simple: we don’t want people who think like her living among us. Such sympathy as we have belongs to Lucy Henning and her beloved father and to all the victims of Isil. Not to a girl who betrayed her country and chose a life of sleeping with the enemy. 

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