Half of burglaries now take place when people are at home as police ‘inaction’ makes criminals bolder

Half of burglaries in Britain now take place while householders are inside their homes, as thieves become emboldened by police inaction.

Figures show 58 per cent of burglaries happen at occupied properties, as campaigners said criminals no longer fear being caught in the act.

The findings come after Maureen Whale, 77, collapsed and later died as she phoned 999 to report a break-in at her home on Tuesday night.

Police were accused of ignoring repeated warnings about gangs operating in the neighbourhood of Barnet, north London. Three other burglaries took place nearby on the same day.

It comes as police forces across the country struggle to cope with a rising tide of violent crime. Figures released earlier this year showed two-thirds of reported burglaries are no longer being pursued properly by officers.

A charity supporting burglary victims suggested offenders now take more risks because they know police are less likely to send officers to investigate.

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