Did Christine Blasey Ford use anonymity to ‘get’ Kavanaugh?

If you smelled the stench of skulduggery emanating from Dianne Feinstein’s “anonymous” letter concerning sexual misconduct by SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, your nose didn’t deceive you. Feinstein has had the letter since July but waited until after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings ended before referring it to the FBI. The Senator claimed its author had “requested confidentiality” and “declined to come forward or press the matter further.” But, as the Washington Post admitted yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford contacted them at the same time she reached out to Feinstein. Did she collude with the Post and the Democrats to ambush Kavanaugh?

Did Ford make a deal with the Democrats and the Post to hide behind the shield of anonymity until it was too late for the Trump administration to replace Judge Kavanaugh with another nominee who could be confirmed before the midterms? Their obvious hope is that the Democrats will eke out a majority in the Senate and prevent President Trump from appointing any further conservative justices to the Supreme Court. The Washington Post story says, in passing, that Ford is a registered Democrat. Her social media accounts appear to have been scrubbed, but some information remains suggesting that she is member in good standing of “the resistance.”

Her name can, for example, be found among 5,000 signatures on a letter sent by “Physicians for Human Rights” to Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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