Germany mulls joining U.S.-led air strikes in Syria—report

A report suggests Germany’s Bundeswehr could soon be called upon to take part in airstrikes on Syria, if another chemical attack were to occur. While Angela Merkel’s CDU supports the idea, others remain warry.

The German Defense Ministry is reportedly in talks with its US counterpart to hammer out details for the Bundeswehr to join possible airstrikes by US, British and French forces on Syrian targets, Germany’s mass-circulation Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

The report suggests Germany’s conservative defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen, has responded to a US request, which was followed by a meeting of high-ranking ministry and military officials from both countries.

German tornado jets could take part in combat missions alongside their US, UK and French counterparts, according to the article...

The move, which would have to be approved by the chancellery, would be an about-face for conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has previously said Germany would not take part in “military missions” in Syria.

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