How U.S. environmental groups collude with the Russians and Chinese

Two of the world’s biggest polluters are China and Russia. You would think that U.S. environmental groups would be major critics of these countries; yet, the reality is some take money from entities controlled by these governments and disseminate their propaganda.

Over the last several years, many articles have been written (several by yours truly) documenting how Russian groups funneled money into U.S. environmental organizations, which, in turn, was used to oppose fracking in the U.S. and the construction of new pipelines. Fracking and pipelines make the U.S. cleaner and also give us more energy independence at lower cost to U.S. consumers.

The Russians understandably fear the growth of the U.S. energy industry because it undermines their own (which accounts for 40 percent of their GDP). The environmental groups used the Russian monies to lobby against U.S. consumers and support their Democratic allies. Much of this took place while Robert Mueller was head of the FBI; and since government law enforcement agencies monitor foreign funds coming into the U.S., one wonders why the FBI was silent.

The Russian money was clearly used for political purposes; so, is Mr. Mueller going to give us a report on Russian funds that were used to influence the political process when he was in charge of preventing it?

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