British soldiers face new ‘witch hunt’ as law firm lodges hundreds of claims of Iraq wrongdoing

Lawyers have lodged hundreds of claims of wrongdoing by British troops in Iraq, it has been reported.

Leigh Day, the law firm, has submitted 250 cases relating to alleged mistreatment by UK service personnel to the High Court. It is said to be considering the submission of another 200 cases, depending on information it receives from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The claims, which follow accusations of a “witch hunt” against British troops who served in Iraq, come after Leigh Day won a test case over the treatment of four Iraqis who said they had been wrongly detained. 

Mr Justice Leggatt ruled in December that they were due compensation under the Human Rights Act. One of the Iraqis received £30,000. 

At the time, legal experts predicted the case would open up possibilities for hundreds more cases. 

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