Blood is on Hamas’ hands, not Trump’s

The world’s double standard against the Jewish state helps explain the decision by Hamas leaders in Gaza to mix armed terrorists and unarmed civilians and urge them to crash through the border fence. This was murder, and not by Israeli soldiers defending their country against a mass invasion.

The blood of the dead and wounded is on the hands of the merciless Hamas thugs who sent their people on a suicide mission that had zero chance of military success.

But, of course, military success was not the goal. The goal was to get the headlines and pictures the world is seeing, the bloodier the better.

So when The New York Times writes that “Israel Kills Dozens and Wounds 1,700 at Gaza Border,” it’s mission accomplished for Hamas.

Success is getting the usual suspects to gang up on Israel. Indeed, the statements condemning it for a “disproportionate” response didn’t even need to be written anew.

The United Nations and other so-called peacekeepers have issued similar statements for years. Each time Israel is attacked, its response is always faulted. Only the date and details needed to be changed.

But here is what’s different this time: Trump. Because of him, the United States is no longer playing the sympathetic but feckless mediator.

It has taken the side of truth and backs it with its enormous prestige and power. It will not run just because cowardly conventional wisdom says ­it should.

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