Are politically correct politicians stopping police from doing their job?

We were in London over Easter when the daughter became ill. We called for medical advice and were amazed and gratified when two paramedics turned up just twenty minutes later. As the female paramedic, one of those tough, funny Cockneys you’re very glad still exists, set to work I thanked her profusely.

“Be honest with you, love, it makes a nice change,” she said with a weary smile. “Not a stabbing, is it?”

Did they see a lot of knife crime then?

The paramedics rolled their eyes. “It’s a war zone out there,” the man said flatly, “you really don’t wanna go into A&E.” Some gang members, it seems, will actually fight lads from a rival gang while they’re all being treated for knife wounds.

“There’s hundreds of injuries”, the lovely Cockney sighed, “You wouldn’t believe it.”  

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