Donald Trump is single-handedly wrecking the special relationship

There are only two countries in the world whose citizens have fought alongside American troops in every single war since World War I: Britain and Australia. No other American ally, friend, or partner can make that claim. Not surprisingly, the “special relationship” with Britain has been of the closest cooperation and trust that could ever take place between two independent nations…

Now comes President Trump to wreck this decades-old relationship. It is bad enough that he retweeted anti-Muslim videos pushed by British extremists. It is more damaging that Trump seems to gloat over the fact that Britain has suffered from terrorist attacks while America has not. Far worse yet is his unconscionable personal attack on Theresa May. Whatever her political troubles, she continues to be a staunch supporter of her country’s intimate ties to the United States. She even is prepared — at least as of the time of writing — to welcome Trump on a state visit to Britain.

It is true that Britain is not the power it once was. Its steady decline in military power, the result of years of budget cuts, have certainly lessened Britain’s importance as a military partner. London needs to take note. Nevertheless, in all other respects Britain remains America’s most reliable ally west of Australia. Donald Trump has stated that too many allies are free-riders. But Britain is not one of them. His treatment of that country and its leader is nothing short of despicable. He owes the United Kingdom and Theresa May a personal apology.

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