Is America in a state of civil war?

The answer to the question “Are we engaged in a 2017 civil war?” is affirmative.

America is in a state of supersessionist civil war, between the body that voted for the president of the United States and the body that voted for the other candidate…

Supersessionist civil wars invite foreign intervention. It is typical of the phenomenon that today one side accuses the other of colluding with a foreign power, Russia. It is also typical that the president’s supporters treat the opposing force as secret regicides.

To look to the future, it is useful to look to the past…

What I chiefly learn from the debate is that what constitutes a civil war, 2,000 years after the Romans invented the terminology, is often a bloody-minded cycle of revenge until one side is totally eliminated and the state is beggared or vanquished or both.

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