PAC London: The First Trumpet Campaign in England

Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry speaks to a crowd in London during the PCG’s first Personal Appearance Campaign in the United Kingdom.
Trumpet Staff

PAC London: The First Trumpet Campaign in England

The campaign began Sunday afternoon with a lecture in central London to Trumpet subscribers. It concludes Monday evening with lecture number two.

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Right now in London, we are in the middle of one of the most exciting projects that the Trumpet has ever initiated in the United Kingdom. In 1992, we first established an office here. In 2014, we established a Herbert W. Armstrong College campus in Warwickshire. In 2015, we began broadcasting the Trumpet Daily Radio Show. And in 2018, we are holding our first Personal Appearance Campaign.

The campaign began yesterday afternoon with a lecture I gave here in central London to Trumpet subscribers. It concludes tonight with lecture number two.

These campaigns are about reaching Trumpet readers in a different way. It’s the same message of warning and hope that we publish in the Trumpet, Trumpet Brief, Trumpet Daily Radio Show and other media, but live and in-person. Many of our long-standing readers have remained long-standing readers. These campaigns are aimed at stirring them to conviction and action. Those who come not only hear the Trumpet message in person, but they also can take the opportunity to talk with Trumpet staff members about world events and Bible prophecy, and they can also learn more about the work of the Trumpet’s publisher, the Philadelphia Church of God.

To say that there has been a buzz of excitement among all of us here at the Trumpet leading up to this campaign is an understatement. And now the first night is already in the books! We had 137 in attendance here at the London Euston Hilton, 46 of whom are members of the Church, and 91 of whom are not. Everyone was very attentive during the 90-minute lecture, and we conversed afterward for about two hours. I am so glad that each of them made the effort to attend, and it was a thrill for me to speak to them and to know that God might be working in their lives!

This was the first time in the pcg’s 29-year history that we have conducted a campaign in the United Kingdom, and we’re thrilled. But this isn’t the first time the Church has campaigned in the UK. As many of you know, the pcg is a continuation of the work of Herbert W. Armstrong, who led the Worldwide Church of God. Mr. Armstrong began broadcasting across Britain and Europe in 1953 on the famous Radio Luxembourg station. In 1954, he delivered his first Personal Appearance Campaign outside the United States, in Belfast. In 1955, he established the Church’s first regional office outside America, right here in London, just off Leicester Square. In 1956, the first congregation in Britain started up (with just 17 members). In 1959, the Church established Ambassador College north of London in Bricket Wood. In 1961, Mr. Armstrong began broadcasting on off-shore radio, and in 1965 he went on Radio London. The Church advertised here in Reader’s Digest and other publications throughout the 1960s and launched a smashingly successful newsstand program in 1971. By 1973, the work of the Church here in Britain peaked, with 400,000 people receiving the Church’s magazine, the Plain Truth.

That Belfast Personal Appearance Campaign, among other things, led to great growth in the work and the message spreading to millions of people in Britain! We have high hopes that we can get that same message back out to millions more in print, in broadcast and in person.

Over the years, my father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, has conducted a couple dozen campaigns, mainly in the United States. The pcg’s purchase of a private aircraft has enabled him to start doing more of them on a semimonthly basis. Now we are in the midst of one in London. This is an exciting time in our work!

I was able to broadcast today’s radio program here at the hotel. This was the first time we have taken the Trumpet Daily Radio Show on the road, live! Maybe we will do more of this in the future. If you’d like to listen to that show, here is the link.

Besides broadcasting the radio show this morning, I’ve been spending the day here at the hotel getting ready for the second and final lecture, which occurs in less than two hours. I’ll be building my lecture around a question posed by prospective members following the Apostle Peter’s stirring Pentecost message in Acts 2: “What shall we do?” We are expecting around 110 people tonight, some of whom might have come last night, some of whom might be new. But of course, each person matters immensely, and our staff members have been praying that the message will really sink in for everyone who hears it.

Hopefully this in-person experience will help dozens of people who have been comfortable just reading and following the message to act on it, to devote themselves to God. If they only follow the message and agree with it, they are missing out! God has immense blessings for those who turn to Him, and not just protection from the disasters that are about to explode here in Britain and around the world: much more than that. He also has an amazing, blessed, abundant way of life in store for those who submit to Him, and an amazing future greater than anything you can imagine. Of course, only those few whom God specially calls and works with even have the opportunity to respond to His message. But maybe that includes dozens of those who joined us here in London last night and tonight.

And maybe that includes you.