Egyptians Storm U.S. Embassy in Cairo

Anti-American protests are becoming more prevalent. Riots in Cairo outside U.S. Embassy proves Egypt’s hatred for its former ally.

An armed mass of around 2,000 angry Egyptian protesters stormed the walls of the U.S. embassy early this afternoon. They burned the U.S. flag and hoisted in its place a black banner painted with the words, “There is no God but God, and Mohammad is his messenger.”

USA Today reports that U.S. staff were evacuated prior to the demonstration, and that security officials initially fired over the heads of protesters.

“We are obviously working with Egyptian security to try to restore order at the embassy and to work with them to try to get the situation under control,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said from Washington.

Following the incident, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry assured America that it was committed to protecting all embassies.

America gives Egypt $1.3 billion per year in direct military aid, in addition to other forms of assistance.

It is unclear exactly what the protest was about, but the excuse appears to be a U.S. film that purportedly insults the prophet Mohammed.

Since America helped push former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from office, anti-American protests have grown. When U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited just after Mohammed Morsi was elected in July, her entourage was pelted with tomatoes. In that incident, many of the protestors chanted anti-Islamist slogans blaming America for bringing the extremists Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Now, those who do not support the Muslim Brotherhood fear to protest.

Contrary to Western dreaming, a free democracy has not come to Egypt. The removal of Hosni Mubarak, who was a U.S. ally, has resulted in the Islamification of the formerly secular nation. It has also led to the formation of a government that is not only uninterested in democracy, but that is also hostile to both America and Israel.

Watch Gerald Flurry’s Web exclusive Key of David video: “Cairo Riots Reveal the Egyptian Mindset” for more information.

Cairo Riots Reveal the Egyptian Mindset

The Democrat Party Loves Abortion

Rob Morley’s column today talks about the kerfuffle at the Democratic National Committee convention over the God and Jerusalem provisions in the party platform. Here is another amazing tidbit from the Democrat platform:

The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. We oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right. … There is no place for … government to get in the way.

Amazing. Dad has no rights. Child has no rights. Abortion must be an option at any point in pregnancy, apparently even up to birth, and be paid for by others.

That’s just as much proof of this party’s leaving God out of its platform as leaving His name out is.

America: A Nation Divided Over God

America: A Nation Divided Over God

Alex Wong/Getty Images

What did the DNC fiasco on the floor reveal about America?

“The president believes as much that God should be taken off [U.S. currency] as he does that aliens will attack Florida.” That was Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s unusual way of describing the president’s apparent stalwart faith in God. The reason that President Barack Obama’s view on God was in question had to do with what happened earlier in the week.

As Democrats held their national convention to nominate Barack Obama as their candidate for re-election, news broke that they had removed the last remaining specific references to God and Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel from the party’s official 70-page platform. After receiving fierce criticism, Democratic National Committee leaders decided to reinstate the references, hoping that would put the issue to rest until after the election. All it required was a quick and easy vote on the convention floor.

The dnc chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, brought the amendment to the floor on Wednesday evening. He asked the delegates present to respond with a verbal “aye” to approve the change. But the “no’s” were just as loud and numerous, if not more so. The visibly conflicted mayor didn’t know what to do. So he asked again. What sounded like about half of the room said “aye.” The other half or so shouted “no.” The mayor wanted to move forward—the teleprompter was already loaded with the script telling him to approve the measure—but it was apparent to anyone listening that two thirds had certainly not voted in the affirmative. So he asked a third time. Same thing.

“In the opinion of the chair, two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted ….”

Loud jeers and boos from the spurned half—or majority—of delegates filled the stadium.

It was the room that booed God. At least half of the national Democrat leadership literally and vocally went on the record to make it clear: They were—and are—opposed to mentioning God in their party manifesto even once. Nor did they want Israel to have sole right to Jerusalem as its capital.

The Democratic party hasn’t quite gotten its story straight on its obvious fumbling of the issue. Some are saying the omissions were an oversight. But the references had been in past Democratic platforms; someone went in there and removed them. This is a document that lays out your party’s vision, your talking points, your advertisement to the American people to vote for you, your face to the world. Oops—accidentally deleted God. I don’t think so. Ted Strickland was the platform drafting committee chair. He is also an ordained United Methodist minister. How odd that he would’ve “forgotten” God.

But even if “sorry, we just forgot about God” is true, how sad a state of affairs is it that He could be so easily nixed?

There are conflicting reports that President Obama himself was the one who decided that the words “God” and “Jerusalem” needed to go back into the platform. But if that’s true—and it might be—then why do I get the feeling that this came less from the president’s stalwart faith and more from his sense of political strategy?

President Obama believes God should be in our politics. But candidate Obama believed that marriage was between a man and a woman—until he was elected. If he wins re-election, will we see his beliefs “evolve” on this one too?

These representatives are to be voicing the beliefs of their constituents. That means at least one quarter of all Americans. God was intentionally ejected from the platform by the party in control of the U.S. federal government. The highest official approved it. How do you sneak something like that past the White House?

America has changed dramatically over the last eight years. In 2004, God was mentioned seven times in the Democratic party platform. In 2008, when President Obama won the nomination, He was mentioned only once. This year all mentions of God were removed completely, before they were dictatorially and very politically reinserted against the wishes of what sounded like about half of voting delegates.

Republicans love to point out that in their platform “God” is mentioned 10 times. But Republicans can quit slapping themselves on the back. What is worse: openly admitting that God isn’t important to you, or making a big show that He is, then proceeding as if He is not?

In some ways, the Democratic National Convention just highlighted how anti-God all of America is becoming.

Why all the hatred for God?

The same day Democrat delegates were jeering the addition of God into their party platform, they were applauding a historic speech from a young lady named Benita Veliz. Benita Veliz is currently a university student. She has earned two degrees. And she was also valedictorian of her high school. She is probably also a very nice lady. But none of that is what qualified her for a podium address at the most important democratic convention in at least four years. What qualified her was that she is an illegal alien. According to the Los Angeles Times, Veliz’s speech was a historic moment for America: It is the first time an illegal immigrant had ever been given the stage at a major political convention.

One half of America’s lawmakers don’t care enough about America, to respect the rule of law. They stood and cheered her as she made her speech against deporting illegals.

Veliz’s speech was historic, not because of her status, but because it illustrated a historic disregard for the laws of the land—by those charged with upholding it. When the lawmakers publicly flout the laws of the land, it doesn’t take long before everybody is doing the same. It is an omen for the nation.

Why do people hate God so much? Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to be reminded that they are subject to a higher law—a law that no amount of legislation or executive orders can nullify. Banning God from your party platform, from society or from your mind does nothing to change that reality.

Herbert W. Armstrong Warned Poland of the Holy Roman Empire

Herbert W. Armstrong Warned Poland of the Holy Roman Empire


Radio Luxembourg, Manfred Lachs, Arthur Rubinstein, Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II and God’s gospel

The Sept. 18, 1928, edition of The Bible Advocate featured an article titled “Palestine From Day to Day,” written by Herbert W. Armstrong. Deputy Gruenbaum of the He’Chalutz organization was quoted as saying, “We appear to be on the eve of a new emigration to Palestine from Poland.” The Zionist organization in cooperation with the then British government of Palestine had worked to improve local industry and agriculture.

The years leading up to World War ii saw Poland stampeded by Adolf Hitler, and then it was gobbled up by Russia as a satellite state after the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allied forces and agreements solidified at Yalta by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and Russian Premier Joseph Stalin.

Poland remained on Mr. Armstrong’s mind, with him reminding co-workers on Jan. 13, 1949, that former leaders of Poland and several other countries had “told me personally how their countries were overthrown, crushed under the iron boot of Russia, their people’s farms, stores, and businesses taken from them, their citizens made slaves!”

Four years later, Mr. Armstrong’s voice would be heard across Eastern and Western Europe via the world’s most powerful broadcast station. By Jan. 14, 1955, he excitedly wrote co-workers, “Just now—in this afternoon’s mail—we have received our first letter from a regular listener from behind the Iron Curtain!”

“Dear Sir,” wrote the Monday night listener, a Polish medical doctor, “I have been listening with great interest to your The World Tomorrow transmission over Radio Luxembourg 208 meters, 11:30 p.m., and I gratefully accept your kind offer—please send me 1) the Plain Truth magazine, 2) special booklet on Christmas, and 3) please enroll me on your list of candidates for the Ambassador Bible correspondence course. I think I can manage a half hour or more per day to make it worthwhile. I also would appreciate very much a copy of your excellent discourse transmitted December 13. Your argumentation appealed to me, and, as God wishes us to understand the truth properly and to believe wisely, I thought it might be a good idea to seek your help in this respect.”

Mr. Armstrong’s efforts to reach Poland intensified in the ensuing decades as special relationships with world leaders were solidified. By the early ’70s he was close friends with Polish President Lachs and Indian Judge Singh of the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands. By mid-1974, after a luncheon meeting with both, he notified supporters that Mr. Lachs “said he would like for me to visit Poland, and that he would be happy to set up a visit for us, with meetings with the top people” (Bulletin, July 17, 1974).

This offer excited Mr. Armstrong in efforts to reach leaders of other Eastern European countries such as Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Romania. The frigid political temperatures of the Cold War would temporarily halt these plans, however.

During this period, perhaps one of the most poignant moments for Polish relations with Mr. Armstrong came with the Jan. 15, 1975, spellbinding performance of world-famous pianist Arthur Rubinstein on the stage of Ambassador Auditorium. This spectacular performing arts facility was located on the award-winning grounds of Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. Mr. Armstrong founded the college in 1947 with a handful of students and faculty and since that time the college had grown in scope, power and global impact, hosting various world leaders who would visit this unique unofficial ambassador for world peace.

Born in Lodz, Poland, Rubinstein’s first performance in the reputed “Carnegie Hall of the West” drew five standing ovations from a packed crowd. The Worldwide News of Jan. 20, 1975, quoted Mr. Armstrong’s view of the concert. “There are not words in the English language to describe the maestro’s performance,” he said. After the performance, Mr. Armstrong presented Rubinstein with a crystal piece by famed U.S. glass artisans Steuben. Local music critics lauded the performance of the 88-year-old. Bernard Soll, music critic for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, went on to compliment “the excellent brochure published by Ambassador College in honor of the great pianist recital in the auditorium Wednesday.

“The recital—before an audience of invited guests—was a special benefit for the International Cultural Center for Youth (iccy) in Jerusalem. This organization is designed to bring closer to Israel’s youth the cultural achievements of the people of the world and to build living bridges for a better future between Jews, Arabs, Druse and Armenian youth in Israel.”

Two months after the Polish maestro’s acclaimed concert, Mr. Armstrong established the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation (aicf) as the humanitarian arm, separate from the church and college, enabling streamlined cooperation and partnership with world leaders and their governments in associated projects, “helping people help themselves” in the spirit of give and outflowing concern one toward the other.

The following year, writing from Rome 13 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mr. Armstrong foresaw the breakup of the ussr’s Eastern European satellite nations. He identified “East Germany, Poland, Romania, etc. breaking with Moscow in the event of the resurrection of the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ and coming into the new united Europe” (co-worker letter, April 22, 1976).

Mr. Armstrong saw Karol Józef Wojtyła’s election to pope in 1978 as a powerful factor in the political change in Poland driven by the Vatican, as evidenced by his writing to supporters Sept. 20, 1979: “As a matter of fact, his having come from Poland, and the effect of his visit there, indicate that instead of the coming ‘resurrected’ Holy Roman Empire including such nations of Israelitish ancestry as Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the 10 nations to compose it may include such nations—now Russian satellites—as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia.”

As the first religious leader from Christianity to be officially invited as a guest of Communist China, Mr. Armstrong was thereafter extended similar offers by the governments of Russia and North and South Korea, along with Poland. During this time he maintained that Poland would be part of the prophesied 10-nation combine he had been declaring since February 1934.

He cited inflation, unemployment and other troubles, along with the pope’s bidding, as key indicators of the imminent collapse of Russian influence in the country. This was before the rise to prominence of trade unionist and co-founder of the Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa, aided and supported by the United States and the Vatican.

However, as the Solidarity movement and domestic discontent rose according to his earlier prognosis, Mr. Armstrong feared his pending meeting with Polish leaders was in jeopardy. “I will know in a day or two,” he wrote co-workers on Oct. 23, 1980, whether “I get to visit the present top man in Poland. We did have an invitation, but the recent labor uprising changed the government leadership.”

Mr. Armstrong continued to draw his viewers’ and readers’ attention to Poland and events in Europe, reviewing biblical prophecies found in Revelation 17 and Daniel 2 in light of the pope’s visits to his homeland and their influence in “breaking loose five Soviet satellite nations in Eastern Europe, so they may be united by the Catholic Church with five Western European nations. It will become a colossal third world power, possibly greater than either the Soviet Union or the United States” (ibid, June 22, 1983).

Less than a year before his death, Mr. Armstrong planned that the Church’s largest annual festival, the Feast of Tabernacles, conducted at 89 sites in 49 countries, now for the first time in Church history be held behind the Iron Curtain, at a site at Cracow, Poland.

The Polish can be thankful for the ceaseless efforts of this unofficial ambassador for world peace to reach their country’s leaders and populace with the gospel of Jesus Christ heralding the imminent establishment of His Father’s Kingdom (Matthew 24:14).

From 1961 to 1989 the Berlin Wall separated Eastern and Western Europe. As events reached fever pitch in Hungary, Poland and the ussr, the wall came tumbling down. By that time, Mr. Armstrong was dead, but the prophecies he passionately declared were not, and a world stood in awe at the reunification of Germany and rise of Europe, just as he had declared.

That same year, Trumpet founder and editor in chief Gerald Flurry began, in the tradition and legacy of Mr. Armstrong, to proclaim the “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19). The resulting two decades of his prophesying have seen the promised end-time fulfillment of God’s Word, reported to you by the Trumpet in the tradition of Mr. Armstrong, establishing the Trumpet and the Key of David program as the source for the plain truth of Bible prophecy.

Mario Draghi and Europe’s Biggest Story

Mario Draghi and Europe’s Biggest Story


The European Central Bank under Mario Draghi’s leadership has become Europe’s most powerful institution.

By far the most outstanding event to come out of Europe in recent times has been the sudden, seemingly overnight, transition of the European Central Bank into the controlling mechanism with greatest influence on the global economy.

Pardon us if we say, yet once again, we told you it would be so.

Turn to Revelation 13 in your Bible.

What is the entity that has the controlling power over the global economy in the prophesied end of this age?

Track it through, commencing Revelation 13, verse 11. There a powerful religious entity is revealed having global influence (verse 12). The sheer deceiving power of this entity defies the imagination (verses 13-14).

The unbelievable miracles of which this entity is going to be capable are revealed in verse 15, as is its terrible destructive power.

But the real point that connects the rise of the European Central Bank (ecb) to its current extent of power with the fulfillment of these great prophecies of Revelation 13 is contained in verses 16-17.

There it is revealed that this religious power dominates a system that dictates world trade. Only by exercising the designated code that links each trade with this great controlling entity is commerce able to be effectively enacted.

Until the recent and most dramatic rise of the ecb to its current level of global power, such a process would have been unthinkable.

Now, all of a sudden, the Jesuit son of Rome, Mario Draghi, one of a threesome of Jesuit-educated, high-profile EU technocrats—Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and European Council President Herman van Rompuy being the other two—is propelled into such a position of power that, with the support of his two fellows, he is in a position to enact the spirit of Pope Benedict xvi’s encyclical on the global economy, “Caritas in Veritate.” That is the encyclical where Benedict calls for a new global economic order based on the Catholic social chapter.

La Stampa reported that as Mario Monti presented Benedict xvi’s social encyclical in Saint John Lateran on Feb. 23, 2010, he declared that “The ‘Caritas in Veritate’ document resembles a technical governing handbook for society in which economy plays a fundamental role as a natural outcome of ethical reflection, and even has the agreement of those who do not share in the Catholic ethical vision” (November 14). Monti used that occasion also to publicly declare himself “to be Catholic.” Mario Monti is a member of the EU splinter organization called “The Spinelli Group.” That group is committed to establishing a federal Europe based on the Catholic social chapter that underpins the pope’s “governing handbook for society.”

It takes a firm grasp on the reality of inerrant Bible prophecy to catch this vision of Revelation 13. But, whether you possess such an enlightened prophetic perspective or not, one thing is for sure. Most of us will live to see the day of its fulfillment.

Last week’s ecb initiatives brought that fulfillment dramatically closer to its reality.

The point here is clearly this. Though Bible prophecy speaks of a great politico/economic, military power rising at these times, designated “the king of the north,” that power is dominated by an overarching religion.

It is the religion of the world’s most powerful banker. It is the religion of Italy’s technocrat prime minister. It is the religion of the European Council president. It is the dominant religion of the largely hidden European elites who have carefully crafted today’s European Union into the world’s largest trade entity. It is that same religion that has dominated six previous resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire.

It is not the religion of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, forced to capitulate German resistance to the Draghi plan. She is chancellor now of a Germany somewhat placed at odds with Europe’s central bank and its declared policy of bond buying to bail out indebted countries such as Spain and Italy. How this effects her electoral performance in advance of the 2013 federal German elections will be interesting to see.

“The backing of Ms. Merkel comes despite complaints from within her own coalition government—and from the head of the country’s central bank, the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann. A former Merkel aide, Mr. Weidmann was the sole dissenting voice on the European Central Bank’s board against the bond-buying plan” (New York Times, September 6).

However, Mario Draghi has bigger things on his mind than German politics. His is a Europe-wide vision (ibid):

As much as Germans may complain about the indebted countries of the south, the costs to Germany of a euro collapse would be enormous. And if Spain and Italy were shut out of the debt markets, the bailout funds would be too small to rescue them. So it was crucial that the central bank step in to insure that those large countries can continue to borrow at sustainable interest rates, acting as a ready lender through bond purchases.

Draghi is a true European imperialist. As such, his decisions will bear in mind the continuing evolution of the European Union into its Holy Roman future. Germany is important, vitally important to this cause. He knows that. But Draghi also knows that he has the backing of a quiet diplomatic process of 2,000 years’ standing, based in Rome, that, though it looks like a lamb, when push comes to shove, speaks like a dragon to enforce its will.

It has the history to prove it!

It’s the only power on Earth that has the proven, historic potential to glue the fractious European nations together into their final, prophesied temporal unity as revealed in Revelation 17:12-13.

Last week’s moves by Mario Draghi just served to emphasize that, in Europe today, the actions of a son of Rome trump those of a daughter of Berlin. The Rome/Berlin axis is now dominant within the EU, and the predominant influence over all, as prophesied in your Bible, is increasingly that of mother Rome.

Watch for that religion to increasingly guide the thinking, and the decisions, of the main movers and shakers in the rise of the “king of the north.”