European Banking Watchdog Could Gain Ability to Shut Down Banks

European Banking Watchdog Could Gain Ability to Shut Down Banks


A glimpse at Europe’s plans for a new ‘uber-watchdog’

The new European Central Bank (ecb) watchdog could have the power to order banks and lenders to close down, Reuters news agency reported August 1, citing anonymous “officials and policymakers.”

“The right to withdraw the banking license, which is the hour of death for the bank, must be with the supervisor,” it quotes an official as saying. “If the ecb becomes the supervisor, it has to have this.”

“Speaking on condition of anonymity, they said the latest plans envisage giving the eurozone’s central bank the remit to police far more than just the currency area’s 25 top banks, as originally expected,” Reuters says. It reports that the watchdog will be able to overrule national lenders and intervene in smaller banks, if it believes it is necessary. Reuters has labeled the new body an “uber-watchdog.”

The plan for the watchdog will be finalized in the next few weeks and announced in September.

Trumpet columnist Brad Macdonald wrote last month: “One of the loftiest aspirations of European elites has been the acquisition—either directly, or indirectly via the Europeanization of English finance—of Britain’s lucrative banking sector.”

Now we find that EU officials are quietly planning a much stronger banking watchdog than expected.

“It’s an early test of how much power each country is willing to give up in terms of how it handles its own affairs. You start with bank supervision,” said the Wall Street Journal’s Brian Blackstone a fortnight ago. “Someday maybe you grow up to fiscal policy and economic policy, that they could share this within the eurozone.” So far, it looks like eurozone nations are willing to give up a lot of power.

The European commissioner for internal markets and services, Michel Barnier, said the watchdog would be designed to apply to euro area banks as well as banks from participating EU nations.

Britain has already said it has no interest in submitting to this regulator. But Prime Minister David Cameron may come under increasing pressure to do so. European leaders regularly criticize Anglo-American banks, which they say need to be brought under control.

Even without Britain, a euro-wide banking regulator would wield significant power over British and American banks. A national regulator could threaten to lock a bank out of a national market. This eurozone regulator could potentially lock banks out of the whole eurozone.

Bible prophecy warns us that a strong European financial market will soon dominate world trade. This new uber-regulator is a direct part of that prophecy.

For more information, read our article “Financial Regulation in Prophecy!

The Descent of the Anglo-Saxon Male

The Descent of the Anglo-Saxon Male


The denigration of men by the opinion shapers of Anglo-Saxon society is a potent sign of our collapsing civilization.

A piece in the Washington Times caught my attention this week. It centered on a subject that the Trumpet has commented on from time to time—the emasculation of men and boys by Anglo-Saxon media.

Let me say from the beginning that I am totally secure in my manhood. I was born a male. I have thoroughly enjoyed my masculine roles as boy, youth, husband, father, grandfather. One of my greatest joys has been to see a third generation of boys in our family raised to be real men, with no confusion about their clear identity. Our extended family has been entirely successful in completely countering the influence of the feminization of society on it.

Thus it is with complete confidence in my male role that I will go on opening doors for women, offering to carry their bags, offering my seat to them and generally regarding them in their God-given roles as the physically weaker (not weak) vessel (1 Peter 3:7) in need of strong masculine protection for their general security. I will remain the provider for my wife and her leader in our marriage.

These are all God-given rights that I will yield up to no power, state or individual.

Having got that off my chest, let me quote some insightful text from that Washington Times article (August 1):

Casual observation of popular culture reveals that boys and men increasingly are being portrayed negatively, in contrast to women, who invariably are seen as more competent, efficient, successful and in charge. Television and Hollywood movies are producing a tsunami of negative stereotypes depicting guys as losers. The typical male portrayed in the entertainment media is clueless, socially inept, irresponsible and immature. He invariably disappoints the women around him ….

This is the stereotype that is being channeled into the minds of upcoming generations by their most influential source of education, the mass media.

The Times highlights a whole rash of current-day television sitcoms as guilty of peddling the theme of the emasculation of men:

Television sitcoms offer evidence of the historical devaluation of male traits in American culture. In the 1950s and 1960s, male characters were strong, yet sensitive to the needs of others. They were men who treated others, including women and children, with respect—men like Fred MacMurray in My Three Sons, Robert Young in Father Knows Best and Andy Griffith in The Andy Griffith Show. The qualities of the heroic men in those shows are quite a contrast to the cluelessness of Homer Simpson in The Simpsons, the ignorance of Carroll O’Connor in All in the Family, the degradation of Two and a Half Men, the stupidity of George Clooney’s Men Who Stare at Goats, the crudity and childishness of The Hangover, and the mockery of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

We have often pointed to the feminization and homosexualization of Anglo-Saxon society yielding mass societal confusion as prophesied by the Creator for these times. The Prophet Isaiah declares of our day, “For behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, does take away from Jerusalem and from Judah … the mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, the captain of fifty, and the honourable man, and the counselor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator” (Isaiah 3:1-3). So much for the once virile manhood of the Anglo-Saxons and Jewry, once such a potent force in the family units of those peoples!

And the reason for this emasculation of the world’s previously most influential societies?

Let the Creator answer through His prophet: “O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (verse 12).

Surely there is no clearer example of this than British “leadership” today.

“Fathers are already disappearing. At the end of May, the National Health Service, the largest employer in Britain—and the fifth largest in the world—took the decision to excise the six-letter f-word from a pamphlet on rearing children that it has been giving to mothers- and fathers-to-be for the past 14 years. The pamphlet will no longer refer to fathers following a complaint from one person—yes, that is all it takes to airbrush people from history in modern Britain—who was concerned that such terminology is ‘not inclusive of people in same-sex relationships.’ From now on the pamphlet will refer to mothers and ‘partners.’ Dads are so 20th century” (American Conservative, July 30).

Who is to blame for this politically correct onslaught in Britain on the masculine gender?

“As part of the drive towards institutionalizing same-sex marriage—which is being spearheaded not by radical gays but by our posh, foppish Conservative prime minister, David Cameron—words such as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ and ‘father’ and ‘mother’ are being airbrushed from much official government documentation” (ibid).

The grave danger that the denigration of manhood poses to a once stable society is that it chips away at the very foundation of stable authority within that society. As Janice Shaw Crouse, author of Marriage Matters, correctly observes:

Radical feminism’s disrespect for men and manliness has been especially harmful for children’s well-being because it calls into question all adult authority, including their fathers’. Cartoons, popular movies and television programs portray dads and other male authority figures as out of touch, old-fashioned and prudish. Children regularly are bombarded by derogatory media images of adults who respect or exemplify traditional moral values. Such adults typically are held in contempt, subtly mocked or openly ridiculed. Males in positions of authority and men who hold traditional values and beliefs often are portrayed as buffoons whom no one respects or admires.

Years ago, Herbert Armstrong wrote a very prophetic little booklet on this phenomenon. It was simply titled, Why Marriage! Soon Obsolete?

You ought to read it.

In that booklet Herbert Armstrong foresaw the destruction of Anglo-Saxon society in the wake of the denigration of the divine institution of marriage and the neutering of the God-given male and female roles. How his words should ring in our ears today! For, of a truth, we are literally living out, daily, in Western society, those very prophecies penned by the ancient Prophet Isaiah!

Muslim Brotherhood Claims More Posts in Egyptian Government

Newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi swore in his new cabinet on Friday. Five members of the Muslim Brotherhood hold positions in the cabinet.

In the new cabinet, Brotherhood members were given posts that are unglamorous, yet ideal for the further expansion of Islamist power. The Brotherhood controls the key ministerial posts of Information, Higher Education, Housing and Labor, as well as minister of state for youth. The Information Ministry portfolio gives the fundamentalist organization control over state media, which will be a powerful tool for propaganda and influencing public opinion. The Higher Education portfolio gives the Brotherhood oversight of the country’s universities, a traditionally fertile recruitment ground. The Youth portfolio provides the group with an even larger field for its indoctrination and recruitment.

President Morsi’s selections do not reflect the inclusive administration that candidate Morsi promised to the Egyptian people. Women and Christians have been given only token representation. The administration also lacks representatives from other political factions, as well as prominent figures who helped oust former President Hosni Mubarak.

In order to provide a sense of stability, Morsi and Prime Minister Hesham Kandil have retained seven members of the outgoing military-backed government. Those who get to keep their jobs include the foreign minister, the defense minister, the finance minister and the culture minister. The military also retains the power to appoint the defense minister, an indication that it still exercises some sway over the fledgling civilian government.

Continue to watch for the Muslim Brotherhood to gain more influence over Egypt. Although the military currently retains some power, the Trumpet believes that radical Islamic elements will gain primary influence over the country’s affairs of government.

The Root Cause of Anti-Semitism

The Root Cause of Anti-Semitism

Getty Images

What is behind the rising tide of hatred toward Jews?

Yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the goal of the international community should be to annihilate Israel. Addressing a crowd of ambassadors from Islamic countries gathered to celebrate Iran’s upcoming annual anti-Semitic “Jerusalem Day,” he said, “Anyone who loves freedom and justice must strive for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the way for world justice and freedom.” Wiping Israel off the map and liberating Palestine, he proclaimed, would solve all the world’s problems.

The idea that Israel is the problem and that a Middle East without Jews would solve everything is shockingly not limited to crazed Islamic dictators. Hatred toward Jews, though often presented in a far subtler fashion, is nevertheless gaining alarming ground within the international community.

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the “Munich Massacre,” which wasn’t just a tragedy for Israel—it was a tragedy for the Olympic Games that sent shock waves around the world. So how does the International Olympic Committee (ioc) respond to repeated requests to honor the 11 Israeli victims who were slaughtered by Palestinians at the Munich Games?

By not even allowing one minute of silence during London’s opening night ceremony. These are the Olympics, after all—they shouldn’t be politicized, says the ioc.

And neither should Lebanon’s judo team be expected to train anywhere near Jews. After the Lebanese refused to work out near their Jewish counterparts last week, Olympic officials quickly set up partitions between the two training camps. Organizers then convinced Reuters that it was only a simple matter of gamesmanship. Screens have always been available to teams who were concerned about competitors spying on them, officials said.

Even as Lebanese judo fighters refused to go near Jews in London, in Washington, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney avoided the subject of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel like it was a contagious disease. Carney’s slippery evasiveness follows a similarly ridiculous exchange in March between a reporter and a State Department spokesman who wouldn’t even acknowledge West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Think on that. Even if Israel—which has controlled all of Jerusalem for 45 years—pulled back to the 1949 armistice lines, it would still retain control of the west side of the city, which is where all of its government institutions are located: the Knesset, the Supreme Court, its government ministries, the prime minister’s and president’s residences, and so on.

There are plenty of international bodies and news agencies that are quite happy to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. The bbc even declaresEast Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine right now! Yet the United States can’t even acknowledge publicly that the west side of the city is Israel’s capital.

In New York, last month, the United Nations Human Rights Council devoted an entire day to bashing Israel for its human rights violations in the Palestinian territories. With the slaughter in Syria now closing in on 20,000 victims, you would think the Human Rights Council would be overwhelmed with monitoring the atrocities occurring north of Israel’s border.

But not according to the UN’s official summary of the July 2 meeting. It reads, “Syria, speaking as a concerned country, said that the Israeli forces continued their violations in a systematic and persistent manner. The Council and the Office of the High Commissioner must not remain silent before such practices and should not be put under pressure by the state committing state terrorism.”

In case you missed it—that was Syria urging the United Nations to speak out against Israel’s human rights violations! Meanwhile, the Assad regime continues slaughtering entire neighborhoods in its desperate attempt to hold on to power.

How does an organization that is supposed to be one of the world’s chief defenders of human rights get such skewed priorities?

One more example of deliberately bathing events in an anti-Israel light is the world’s portrayal of Palestinian “refugees”—people forced out of their homeland because of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict.

In an article titled “How Many Refugees?” former top U.S. national security official Elliott Abrams reported on the latest release of statistics by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in June.

The latest count of Palestinian refugees came out at 5.1 million. But strangely, Abrams goes on to point out, a vast percentage of these “refugees” that now reside in other countries are under the age of 15. He wrote,

This means, for example, that more than a third of Palestinian “refugees” in Jordan were born after 1997. That is either 30 years (if after the 1967 war) or almost 50 years (if they fled when Israel was established in 1948) after their parents or more likely grandparents arrived in Jordan. Those in Jordan have full Jordanian citizenship and vote in Jordan, which means this: A young Jordanian of Palestinian origin, whose family has lived in Jordan for 30 years and who has himself or herself always lived in Jordan, is still considered a “refugee.”

You can bet the statisticians would not be so generous if they were counting Israeli refugees.

Abrams goes on to state that the official definition of a refugee recognized by the UN for every other category of refugees does not include this stipulation for subsequent generations. “For every other category of refugees in the world, the 1951 UN Convention on the status of refugees clearly applies to the refugee only and not subsequent generations,” he wrote.

Of all the refugees in the world recognized by the UN, only the Palestinian refugees are counted in this way. Why? Because the more Palestinian refugees there are, the worse Israel looks. Once again, we see the double standard at play.

Where is this Jew-hating spirit coming from?

Believe it or not, Satan actually exerts a great influence over the affairs of this world and many, unknowingly, are acting as his pawns to do his bidding. Revelation 12:9 says he is able to deceive the whole world.

This spirit of wanting to rid this world of an entire race of people comes straight from the devil. Satan has an intense hatred for all mankind and a special hatred for the biblical nation of Judah—and he spreads it like a disease. This kind of bitter, resentful hate is a contagion Satan is using to direct a great many people in the world today. The truly awesome purpose God has for the Jews—and the rest of Israel too—is something the god of this world absolutely hates.

God is not a respecter of persons—He doesn’t view Israel as a people better than others. Actually, from the beginning God called Israel out to be a model nation—a job it failed to do. Today, He has chosen His Church to fulfill the same role. The Church today, which is comprised of members of every race, is defined as spiritual Israel in the Bible. This is the true, yet astonishing, reason behind the intense hate for Israel today. The devil hates God’s plan and will do all he can to pervert it and destroy it.

For much more on this subject, be sure to review Chapter 8 in our booklet The Key of David—we’ll send you a free copy upon request.

How Herbert W. Armstrong’s Message to Georgios Ladas Will Save Cyprus

How Herbert W. Armstrong’s Message to Georgios Ladas Will Save Cyprus


Why the Cypriot acting president was so astonished at the gospel of Christ delivered in Nicosia

Cyprus is in crisis.

Sinking in debt, already bailed out by the Russians to the tune of over €2 billion, now the first order of business commanding Cyprus’s current half-year European Union presidency has been to request 5 billion again from Moscow and 10 billion from the coffers of Europe’s central bank.

Even as its million or more residents clutch their euros with great expectations of redemption from their fiscal sins, the Cypriot government knows that its strategic location in the eastern Mediterranean has great bearing on its negotiating position amid the present crisis.

The recent capture of a suspected Hezbollah terrorist acting on behalf of Iran in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia further fans the flames of regional tensions and underscores the geopolitical importance of this nation for various national groups as a bridge to Jerusalem.

The current leadership in Cyprus is probably unaware that 30 years ago in a stunning 1980s World Tomorrow television program, recorded shortly after visiting Cyprus, Herbert W. Armstrong told his millions of viewers worldwide why he was continuing to meet with heads of state:

I go as an unofficial ambassador for world peace … and yet I am actually the ambassador of Jesus Christ, who is the coming head of state over all nations.As a minister of Jesus Christ, many people ask, well what do I talk about when I talk to the heads of nations? Well, we talk about world conditions, about problems that they have, and their solutions. The causes of events. …That was the message God Almighty sent by Him—the causes of these troubles, the way out of these troubles and the final solution and the bringing in of world peace. And that’s what I go talking about.

Christ Himself, on the Sabbath day, taught such a message when He first came, and people were astonished at that doctrine of the coming Kingdom of God (Mark 1:21-22).

Mr. Armstrong was so stirred by the Cyprus trip that he devoted the entire television program to identifying the importance of the visit and sharing the reaction of perhaps one of the most astonished heads of state at the Matthew 24:14 gospel.

In a private meeting in Nicosia, acting President Georgious Ladas greeted Herbert Armstrong, stating, “It was very kind of you to come and see me.”

Mr. Ladas was a member of his country’s Democratic Party. His academic studies in law, politics and economics took place in the Greek scholarly center of Athens. He was elected president of the House of Representatives of Cyprus in 1981.

At the outset of the meeting, the unofficial ambassador for world peace spoke of the current troubles facing the Cypriot nation, noting, “It all gets back to the roots of civilization.”

The give and get way of mankind in his man-made 6,000-year civilization was recounted by Mr. Armstrong and agreed upon by the acting president.

Discussion then centered upon the biblically prophesied seventh resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire combining both church and state in Europe, dominating the world.

“I tell you,” Mr. Armstrong declared to Mr. Ladas, “the God of all of our religions is going to step in supernaturally, by supernatural power, and is going to shake up this world, and is going to bring about such a condition that He is going to change the nature in us.”

He recounted how human nature will have to change, and mankind will start to work together in unity and cooperation.

He identified the problems in the Mideast as an example of man’s inhumanity to man and then touched on the problems of the West Bank. He recalled his friendships and meetings with Israel’s Prime Minister Begin, Jordan’s King Hussein, and Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak.

“And they know,” Mr. Armstrong commented, “those on the Arab side know that I’m friendly with those in Israel. And those in Israel know that I’m friendly with the Arabs. I am just not going to have this kind of fighting. I am going to have cooperation, and I’m trying to bring that about, but we poor humans are not going to do it by ourselves.”

He then detailed for Cyprus’s head of state the history of the fallen archangel Lucifer, aided by his demons, and his rebellious, deceptive broadcasting into the minds of man the attitudes of animosity and the get way.

What was Mr. Ladas’s reaction to this powerful recounting of God’s gospel message? Silence? Hostility? Anger?

“Thank you very much for telling me all of these things I knew nothing about. This is a quite different aspect of the problems of the world, purely religious, which as a matter of fact I never thought about it. It is something entirely new. That aspect which you put before me today, here is something new for me. But I will have it in mind, and I will give it much thought”—to which Mr. Armstrong responded by thanking the acting president.

Concluding the World Tomorrow program, the unofficial ambassador added that there was more he shared with the Cypriot leader that day in Nicosia, and that Mr. Ladas actually asked for additional material on the subject. Prior to the television broadcast, the unofficial ambassador sent him a copy of a particular booklet.

What was that publication? It was written by Mr. Armstrong and titled Never Before Understood: Why Humanity Cannot Solve Its Evils.

At the conclusion of that booklet, now out of print, readers were offered a free enrollment in the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course.

Trumpet editor in chief and Armstrong College founder and chancellor Gerald Flurry led the Trumpet’s sponsor in a six-year court battle to regain, republish and redistribute this vital course in revelatory biblical understanding after its removal from circulation by its original publishers.

The Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course has served over 50,000 students worldwide with the prophetic truth behind global events, along with the very gospel message of mankind’s purpose and the impending establishment of God’s Kingdom.

Enroll today, and like the Cypriot head of state, prepare to be astonished at the life-changing power contained in this vital course.

Saudi Arabia Calls Extraordinary Meeting of Muslim Nations

Saudi Arabia Calls Extraordinary Meeting of Muslim Nations


Saudi Arabia continues to create an anti-Iranian alliance.

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah called for an extraordinary meeting of Muslim leaders to be held August 14-15, the country’s state news agency reported July 22. Saudi Arabia is the head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a 57-strong grouping of Islamic nations that has met 12 times since its foundation in 1969. This month’s meeting will be its fourth extraordinary summit.

King Abdullah called the meeting to “examine the situation in many countries of the Islamic world, intensify efforts to confront this situation, address the sources of discord and division therein, reunify the Islamic Ummah [community] and promote Islamic solidarity.”

The call for the meeting came as the violence in Syria heats up and the Alawite regime looks increasingly fragile.

United States-based intelligence company Stratfor wrote June 30 that Saudi Arabia “may be using the emergency summit to help position itself as a leader in the Muslim world, while casting Iran as a sectarian player.”

“It now sees a historic opportunity to seize the leadership of the Arab Middle East and to curtail Iranian influence in the region,” it continues.

Watch for Saudi Arabia to build a coalition of Middle Eastern nations opposed to Iran.

But also watch Iran. If, or rather when, Iran’s influence over Syria is pushed back—as Bible prophecy says it will be—it will be under pressure to prove that its influence isn’t retreating. Watch for Iran to redouble its efforts to reach out to Egypt and Libya, as it shows that it is still a nation with a wide reach and worth fearing.

Right now, the Middle East is going through a key period of change. At the end, almost all the nations will be in one of two camps. One will be a radical Islamic camp led by Iran, which will include Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia. The other will be an anti-Iranian coalition, with Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the major players, but also including other Gulf states and Syria. This coalition will align itself with Germany as Europe becomes wary of Iran’s growing influence. Already, Germany, alongside the U.S., is arming members of this group to counterbalance Iran.

This is what Saudi Arabia’s machinations with an emergency summit are all about. Amid the turmoil in the Middle East this summer, watch for these two key alliances to emerge.

For more information on these alliances, see Trumpet columnist Stephen Flurry’s latest article, “Psalm 83 Is Making Headlines!