Saudi Arabia Wants More German Tanks

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Saudi Arabia Wants More German Tanks

Saudi Arabia wants to buy 600 to 800 of Germany’s Leopard battle tanks, more than twice the number previously expected, Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported Sunday.

An earlier version of the deal said Berlin would sell the Saudis only 270 tanks. But as Iran draws ever nearer to developing nuclear weapons, and as more and more nations in the region fall to radical Islam, Riyadh wants to bolster its defenses even more than originally planned.

Germany appears eager to back Saudi Arabia’s efforts to shore up its military power.

Officially, Berlin denies reports of the planned transaction because exports of military equipment are kept confidential, and also because Germany’s Nazi past makes the issue of arms exports sensitive. Germany’s desire to portray itself as protector of the nation of Israel has also made it refrain from selling heavy weapons to Gulf states in the past. But now that is changing.

Although quietly at present—and largely behind the scenes—Berlin is building an alliance with Arabian Peninsula nations that is destined to take on great significance in Middle Eastern affairs.

Germany desires such a bloc so that it can assure continued access to the region’s gas and oil resources, and create a beachhead to stem the northward push of pan-Islamism. The alliance now forming between Germany, Saudi Arabia and other more moderate Arab states was prophesied in the Holy Bible 3,000 years ago. In Psalm 83, the psalmist details a vision of a coalition between the modern-day descendants of Assyria (Germany) and certain of the descendants of Ishmael, son of Abraham (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, etc.).

The events of the “Arab Spring” rippling across the region from Tunisia to Bahrain are working as a catalyst in the formation of that alliance. And Germany’s massive sale of armaments to Saudi Arabia—set to be signed by July 20—represents a milestone in its coalescence.

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