Egypt Faces a Turning Point

On Wednesday and Thursday, Egyptians will freely elect their president for the first time after 60 years of military dictatorship.

Initial absentee ballots indicate that Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh is the frontrunner for now. Fotouh is an Islamist and former Muslim Brotherhood leader. However, many analysts and polls suggest the race is wide open to several candidates, including Islamists and even a candidate from Hosni Mubarak’s defunct regime.

This election is a key indicator for Egypt’s future. Egyptians are about to choose whether to leave power in the hands of the secular elite—as it was under Mubarak—or to unleash the long-suppressed Islamists.

If Egypt elects an Islamist, tension in the Middle East will rise dramatically. It already is apparent that the historic 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt will not survive.

“There is also concern and the concern is that if radical elements, radical new leaders in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East will replace the old regimes, peace with Israel and stability in the whole Middle East are under great threat,” Eli Shaked, former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, said.

The Trumpet has long predicted that Cairo would fall into Islamist hands and that Egypt would form an alliance with the king of radical Islam: Iran. This election will bring that forecast closer to fulfillment. Continue to watch for Islamists to take over Egypt and to break off any remaining relations with Israel. For more details, read our article, “Prophecy Comes Alive in Egypt!