Pope Gives Quarter of a Million Dollars to Anglican Breakaways

Pope Gives Quarter of a Million Dollars to Anglican Breakaways

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The pope signals his personal commitment to bringing Anglicans to Rome.

Pope Benedict xvi donated $250,000 to the UK Catholic organization set up to receive defecting Anglicans—the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. Monsignor Kieth Newton, head of the ordinariate, thanked the pope for his gift May 1, saying: “This gift is a great help and encouragement as we continue to grow and develop our distinctive ecclesial life while seeking to contribute to the wider work of evangelization in England and Wales.”

The group has come out of the Anglican Church with little to no property or funds, making the pope’s donation a key lifeline.

A priest and spokesman for the group, James Bradley, said the money “will help us get up on our two feet.” But this money is just the beginning, he said, “we are also looking at some serious fundraising.”

Thus far, Anglicans leaving for Rome have had to worship with regular Catholics. But, Bradley said, “we will need funds for the acquisition and upkeep of our own church buildings.” The money will also be used to “finance clergy, pay for the training of seminarians, missions and evangelization. We don’t want to be hand to mouth,” he said.

Part of the need for cash comes because the orginariate has been “inundated by success,” according to Bradley. “We did not realize there would be these numbers or such a spread in the UK.” So far, around 1,200 members and 60 clergymen have joined.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports: “Anglican vicars who have announced their defection to the ordinariate have often taken parishioners with them, leaving loyal Anglicans scrambling to fill pews and organize services.”

These funds could make the church grow much faster. Once members see that they won’t be absorbed into a Catholic congregation but will instead be able to worship with former Anglicans in their own buildings, many more may be willing to make the move. And much more of the clergy would be willing to jump if they knew the ordinariate had the money to pay them.

The Vatican’s nuncio, or ambassador, to the UK, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, encouraged others to donate, and said the pope’s gift is “a clear sign of his personal commitment to the work of Christian unity and the special place the ordinariate holds in his heart.” Indeed, the evidence shows the pope has been very involved in the setting up of this ordinariate.

As the ordinariate expands into America and continues to grow, watch for more disaffected Anglicans to make the move. And watch for this to continue to be a high priority for the pope. The Bible forecast that the Catholic Church would woo back its Protestant daughters. For more information, see our article “The Church That Swallowed a Church.”

Merkel and Monti Revive Old Berlin-Rome Axis

Merkel and Monti Revive Old Berlin-Rome Axis

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Chancellor Merkel’s replacement of her old political partner Nicolas Sarkozy with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti hastens the resurrection of Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire.

Sixty years of work by European elites to create a united Europe consummated recently in two events that bring the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire much closer to being a current-day reality.

First, the “Berlin Group,” a fringe EU group of nations formed out of a German idea promoting the regular meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union’s leading economies (excluding Britain), recently launched the idea of creating the office of a European supremo.

They have recommended that a powerful new presidency be created within the EU—a super-president—a veritable “Charlemagne” having power over all EU institutions.

Shortly after the “Berlin Group” came out with that startling recommendation, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, anticipating the now current demise of France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy—whose candidacy she endorsed in France’s national elections—turned to Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Monti to forge a new alliance in the leadership of the EU. Berlin and Rome will now dominate EU policy decisions from here on.

These are game changers in Europe, the effects of which will soon be felt worldwide. The balance of power is changing in Europe, and the fallout will have prophesied global effects of massive proportions!

Since the European Community’s inception, joint Franco-German leadership has been taken as a given. France wanted to keep a close eye on Germany to ensure that nation would never repeat its incursions across France’s borders such as had occurred in 1871, 1914 and 1939. The postwar French view was that Germany was slated to take on the role of the economic engine of Europe, while being marginalized from direct political influence. France was to take the lead European political role. It seemed an ideal arrangement to the Western allies.

Things continued in that preordained manner till two major disruptions began to fracture this arrangement.

The first was the implosion of the Soviet Union, which had two effects: the reunification of Germany in 1990, and the resurgence of Roman Catholicism in post-Communism Eastern Europe.

The second disruption occurred when economic crisis struck Europe in 2008. All of a sudden, Germany, by far Europe’s most powerful economy, found a political voice to match its economic weight.

Using the economic crisis as the catalyst, Germany started to call the tune Europe-wide. This it has done to its own mighty advantage by promulgating policies that are leaving EU nations largely subject to diktats from Germany’s political power base in Berlin and its financial base at the European Central Bank (ecb) in Frankfurt.

A third catalyst now works to change the whole balance of power in Europe: the failure of Nicolas Sarkozy to gain reelection in the French presidential elections over the weekend. This will prove to be a watershed event in not only Franco-German relations, but in Berlin’s political relationship with the EU.

Gone is the lynchpin partnership that held the EU together since the Treaty of Rome established the European Community in 1957. The German chancellor has quickly moved to align herself with Rome through her overtures to Italy’s Prime Minister Monti as a replacement for her old EU political partner Nicolas Sarkozy.

In place of the Franco-German alliance as of this moment is a new partnership. In reality it is none other than the resurrection of the old Berlin-Rome Axis of 1939.

To think of that old Axis being resurrected—given its historically destructive consequences of just 70 years ago—is a fearful thing indeed!

Yet this is the reality. And it was all prophesied in your Bible millennia ago!

Back in 1954, Herbert Armstrong declared: “Nothing can prevent Germany from completely dominating Europe. Soon there will be the prophesied United Europe—the resurrected Roman Empire—with Germans in complete domination. It’s prophesied! It is hurling on toward the destruction of America and Britain” (co-worker letter, Sept. 18, 1954).

Three years later he wrote: “No one else is telling what prophecy says Germany and fascism in Europe are starting under cover. You’ll soon see it—the United States of Europe—the resurrected Roman Empire!!” (ibid, Nov. 20, 1957).

No-one else was!

Herbert Armstrong was the lone voice crying out in a wilderness of confusion and declaring to the world the sure prophecies of God! Declaring decades ago that a final resurrection of the old Holy Roman Empire would arise to powerfully disrupt the world again!

In 1978, Mr. Armstrong specifically declared, “Undoubtedly Germany will head the new resurrected ‘Holy Roman Empire’” (ibid, Aug. 14, 1978).

One year later, in the January 1979 Plain Truth magazine, he published an article declaring emphatically:

I have been proclaiming and writing, ever since 1935, that the final one of the seven eras of the Holy Roman Empire is coming in our generation—a “United States of Europe,” combining 10 nations or groups of nations in Europe—with a union of church and state!The nations of Europe have been striving to become reunited. They desire a common currency, a single combined military force, a single united government. They have made a start in the Common Market. They are now working toward a common currency. Yet, on a purely political basis, they have been totally unable to unite.In only one way can this resurrected Holy Roman Empire be brought to fruition—by the “good offices” of the Vatican, uniting church and state once again, with the Vatican astride and ruling (Revelation 17:1-5).

That prophesied union of church and state could not effectively emerge till the Franco-German bloc was broken and a new balance of power established in Europe—a Berlin-Rome axis! Just such an axis emerged recently with Chancellor Merkel’s capitulation to Rome’s behest on her policy regarding the handling of Europe’s economic crisis.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and European Central Bank head Mario Draghi are of the same Jesuit mind in their approach to the crisis. Merkel’s joining forces with them places the control of the EU’s purse strings—plus the influence of Europe’s dominant political power, Germany—directly under Rome’s influence.

To adapt a famous statement of Winston Churchill’s to the fulfillment of the prophesied resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, this newly forming Berlin-Rome axis is not the end-fulfillment of the great prophecies relating to this event, but it has every indication of being “the end of the beginning”!

Chancellor Merkel has lost significant face with the demise of her endorsed candidate for France’s presidential elections. Her Christian Democratic Union/Federal Democratic Party coalition continues to lose power at state and parliamentary levels in ongoing state elections in Germany. As per the trend over the past year, her coalition lost further ground in the weekend elections in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

With the Rome-Berlin axis now in place, with a Bavarian pope at the helm in the Vatican engaged in a great crusade of “new evangelization,” with Rome’s men at the head of both the ecb and the Vatican’s home base nation, Italy, all that remains to complete the prophetic picture in Europe is for the new “Charlemagne” to arise and pull together the final prophesied 10-nation combine under the “super-president” office as proposed by the Berlin Group.

Is this indeed the formula that will catalyze the ultimate fulfillment of some of the most powerful Bible prophecies for our time?

Those prophecies foretell of great devastation to be brought upon the Anglo-Saxon nations in the wake of this seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire!

These most recent dynamic events in Europe indicate more than ever that, even as Jesus Christ declared of these times we are living through, it’s time to “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man” (Luke 21:36).

Report: Economic Crisis Fuels Racism in Europe

Report: Economic Crisis Fuels Racism in Europe

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Xenophobia is ‘gaining increasing social acceptance’ as Europe’s economy fails, report says.

European countries are become less tolerant toward immigrants and minorities because of economic troubles, the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance’s annual report concluded.

“Xenophobic discourse has been mainstreamed during the past decade, gaining increasing social acceptance,” warned the report, published May 3.

“Immigrants and some historical minorities are perceived as a burden to society,” it said. “Racism and intolerance are on the rise in Europe today, and the resulting tension sometimes leads to racist violence.”

This hatred, the report said, is transforming Europe’s politics. “In several countries, the tone of the political debate is set by the growing number of parties which share the same rhetoric: Immigration is equated with insecurity; irregular migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees either ‘steal jobs’ or risk ‘capsizing our welfare system,’ while Muslims ‘are not able to integrate in Western societies,’” it read. “The latter have recently become the most prominent ‘other’ in the xenophobic debate throughout Europe.”

“Xenophobic parties have obtained more support in recent elections and gained seats in government coalitions and/or the parliaments of several European countries,” the report continued. “They now have a share in political power in these countries, directly or indirectly, locally or nationally, alone or in coalitions.”

Europe has long pandered to minorities, compromising freedom of speech and expression in order to appease its large numbers of immigrants. But this is changing. As Europe’s economy worsens, it will swing violently to the other extreme. Europe’s economy will get worse before it gets better, and the continent’s ethnic and religious minorities will be lumped with the blame.

Jobs report: Total catastrophe

Big media is either dumb or biased. You chose.

While many of the big-box news media reported that the economy created jobs and the unemployment rate fell, they buried the real story.

Here is the fluff most of the media reported. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls):

  • Nonfarm payrolls increased by 115,000 (Establishment Survey)
  • Unemployment rate dropped .01 to 8.1 percent (Household Survey)
  • And if you heard just these statistics it would be pretty easy to conclude that the economy is improving.

    But it only takes a little digging to find that the jobs report is actually a total disaster.

    The reason the unemployment rate fell was not because of the 115,000 jobs created. Economists estimate that it takes at least 125,000 new jobs per month just to keep up with population growth.

    Why then did the unemployment rate fall? Because the total labor force shrunk (see “The Abbott and Costello Unemployment Fiasco”). Three hundred and forty-two thousand people left the workforce. The bls says that these people are not looking for work anymore, therefore they are not technically unemployed.

    Thus, say the government statisticians, the unemployment rate is improving.

    With reasoning like that it is no wonder America’s economy is self-destructing!

    Making matters worse, a different bls survey (the Household Survey) found that instead of creating 115,000 jobs, the economy actually lost 169,000.

    I am guessing you didn’t hear that number broadcast on your nightly news.

    So depending on which survey you believe, the total number of people working in the United States may actually have shrunk (as the bls reports in its household data) by 522,000 people in March.

    Although March was a disaster, over the past year America has added 945,000 people to the workforce.

    That may sound positive, but only until you realize that during that same time, 2,693,000 people chose to leave the labor force.

    If you count all those people who have left, the headline 8.1 percent unemployed would actually be 11 percent unemployed. Then there are still the millions of Americans who are working part-time because they can’t find full-time employment. That would push the unemployment rate closer to 20 percent.

    But who wants to hear the truth anyway?

    Visit to Denmark by Ambassador for World Peace

    Visit to Denmark by Ambassador for World Peace


    Speaker of Danish Parliament asked Herbert W. Armstrong to meet with Queen Margrethe II.

    Arriving at Copenhagen International airport 4:30 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1983, Herbert W. Armstrong rested in advance of his meeting with the speaker of the Danish Parliament.

    As a longtime member of the Socialist Democratic party, House Speaker Svend Jakobsen served his country in government office beginning in 1973, the very same year the country entered the European Union.

    Mr. Jakobsen held the posts of minister for housing, taxes, fisheries, environment and finance. This experience led to his 1981 parliamentary election as speaker of the Folketing, or “people’s thing.”

    The November 7 Worldwide News reported that following his 1983 meeting, “The speaker was impressed with Mr. Armstrong and said he would like to personally take the pastor general to see Queen Margrethe ii of Denmark when Mr. Armstrong returns to that country.”

    Born in the royal palace, just one week after Nazi Germany invaded Denmark, the queen was the eldest child of Prince Frederik and Princess Ingrid. Her grandparents King Christian x and Queen Alexandrine, ruled the Kingdom of Denmark and Iceland, of which Margarethe ii was princess until Icelandic independence in 1944.

    In 1972, her father, King Frederik ix, unexpectedly died from illness, thrusting the princess into the role of queen, the first since Margaret i, queen of Scandinavian countries from 1375 to 1412.

    An illustration of her respect for longtime House Speaker Jakobsen was evidenced during 1988 when, as a coalition government struggled to be established, the queen appointed Jakobsen chief negotiator. The Associated Press reported, “Normally the chief negotiator, called ‘the royal investigator,’ is the person most likely to become prime minister.”

    The respect and rapport Svend Jakobsen enjoyed with the sovereign was further evidenced in his offer to personally take Mr. Armstrong to meet the monarch.

    Mr. Jakobsen remained in the post as speaker of the house until January 1989. Eleven months later, the Berlin Wall would fall, uniting Germany and rapidly propelling Europe toward its seventh and final prophesied resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire, as prophesied in such biblical books as Daniel, chapters 2 and 8, and Revelation, chapters 13 and 17. Since that time he has been active in European Union affairs in its drive toward a superstate.

    Currently, Jakobsen serves in the European Commission as the head of the Unit for Internal Audit Capability. His office is based at EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

    Perhaps Commissioner Jakobsen may recall that 1983 visit to Copenhagen by the globally respected white-haired patriarch, declaring the way of peace for Danes and all Europeans. Mr. Armstrong died before being able to take advantage of the EU commissioner’s invitation when, as speaker of the Danish Parliament, he offered to introduce him to Queen Margarethe.

    In his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Mr. Armstrong recounted the flight from Assyrian invasion and subsequent traveling way-marks of the ancient Israelite tribe of Dan, from which the Danes are descended. In this work, read by multiple millions worldwide, he additionally highlighted the prophesied rise and dominance of Germany over Europe.

    As our regular readers are aware, for over 20 years we have warned and encouraged them to watch for a powerhouse Germany to continue calling the shots over the apparent slow-motion train wreck that the eurozone has become; to watch for Germany to soon head a powerful bloc of 10 leading European powers; and to watch for that powerful European empire to have the stamp of both Rome and Berlin etched deeply into its core.

    Now it is laid bare for all to see!

    Gone is the old Franco-German balance of power in Europe. We now see a singular entrenched power realizing the greatest fear of one of its architects, Otto von Habsburg, as it “runs away with too much influence.” Removed are the checks and balances required to keep freedom. Before our very eyes we now see prophecy realized as declared by Mr. Armstrong to Denmark’s parliamentary speaker.

    Today, following in the footsteps of that venerable “ambassador for world peace without portfolio,” Herbert Armstrong, is Trumpet founder and editor in chief Gerald Flurry. For over two decades this watchman has heralded the domination of a united Europe by a single great power—Germany.

    We encourage you to watch Mr. Flurry each week for his presentation of the Key of David program and, by doing so, join an increasing audience counting down God’s biblical prophecies to the very imminent return of Jesus Christ!

    Discipline Problems Cause Schools to Call for Backup—From Police

    Discipline Problems Cause Schools to Call for Backup—From Police


    More and more school districts in America are using the police to assist with student discipline problems. Student misbehavior has grown so bad that many school administrators feel they cannot control students without serious backup. As a result, station houses are now becoming off-site school detention centers.

    In Albuquerque, New Mexico, alone, over 900 students were arrested between 2009 and 2010. In Texas, police issued nearly 300,000 “Class C misdemeanor” tickets to students in 2010. That number includes children as young as 6 years old.

    Many schools now have police patrolling the halls—not to deter serious crimes, but for bad behavior like throwing paper airplanes and having food fights. Some students face prison time for writing threatening notes. Other children are in trouble for more serious charges, like sexual assault.

    Some of the more publicized school incidents have involved kindergarteners. A Georgia 6-year-old girl was handcuffed and taken to her local police station after throwing a tantrum at school. A 6-year-old boy in Indianapolis was placed in police custody and charged with battery and intimidation after kicking the school principal. The same boy had previously bitten and kicked another school official.

    When children are convicted of misdemeanors, they face fines, community service or even prison time—along with criminal records that hurt their future prospects for college and employment.

    Parents of misbehaving children who have been drawn into the legal system disagree with calling the police into schools to respond to behavior problems. Child advocates, politicians and legal professionals are also questioning whether a troubled kindergartner can be reformed by the penal system. Yet advocates of school policing believe such crackdowns send a message to the student body and help keep large underage populations in check, and safe. Many school officials feel law enforcement is the only place to turn for help.

    In all this debate, what is the key to student behavior?

    The truth is, all good school behavior begins at home. The fact that our teachers are calling in the police for backup reveals that we have a major breakdown in families on our hands.

    The Prophet Isaiah was able to see into our day and write down in his book an accurate description of what we are reading about our youth in headlines right now: “And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable” (Isaiah 3:5).

    Isaiah introduces this statement with a detailed description of the breakdown in leadership—in society and in the home. The mighty man, the judge, the prudent and ancient are all gone. When families have no strong leadership, children are left unattended, undisciplined and unloved. And school classrooms and hallways become mean streets.

    Yet notice that the prophet does more than show us the problems. He also diagnoses them and gives us the solution: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (verse 12). According to Isaiah, the problem is that our family lives are upside down. To have happy children and peaceful schools, we have to turn the family right side up!

    For decades the Trumpet has shown that as the family goes, so goes the nation. It continues to provide sound advice on effective, loving parenting—the answer to our out-of-control schools. To learn how our schools—and our nations—could solve their problems, read “Blueprint for a Happy Home” and take a look at our archive of family articles.