North Korea caught red-handed

The pile of evidencing testifying to the existence of a deadly North Korean-Iranian axis grows. On Friday, officials from the United Arab Emirates said they had seized a ship carrying North Korean weapons and ammunition to Iran.

According to Arutz Sheva, the uae “reportedly seized the weapons several weeks ago, finding 10 containers of rocket-propelled grenades and ammunition that were camouflaged as ‘machine parts.’”

The seizure was carried out in accordance with the latest United Nations sanctions imposed on North Korea, and marks the first time a country has acted on those sanctions. The capture by the uae is interesting and telling.

First, the scope of power the uae possesses is marginal, especially in comparison to the United States, or Britain, or Europe, all of whom have military capacities and intelligence infrastructure exceedingly larger, more advanced and well-equipped than the tiny Arab country. Yet the uae was the first to muster the courage to actually enforce UN sanctions.

Second, that the uae would actually snatch 10 containers full of weapons from under Iran’s nose reveals just how much it fears the nuclear ambitions of Tehran and its posse of supporters. It’s a sign that, as Mort Kondracke put it earlier this year, “The whole Arab world is scared to death of Iran.”

This bold move by the uae condemns and embarrasses the United States. Rather than enacting a policy that allays the fears of the uae and its Arab neighbors, the Obama administration is pursuing a policy that empowers the Iranians, and fuels their nuclear aspirations.

This is exactly what Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned would happen earlier this year.

Why didn’t the president publicly discuss [during his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo] Iran’s terrorism? You can be sure that is what those Arab leaders talked to him about privately! Their number-one concern is what is happening in Iran! They are frightened of this terrorist nation for good reason. Iran has already toppled governments in the Middle East and now it’s about to get nuclear bombs. Its ambition is to rule that part of the world and more. Do you think the other nations are assured when Mr. Obama says that no one nation can interfere with another’s nuclear program? Why shouldn’t America interfere when human survival may depend on it?

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