Obama caving in on missile shield

The Obama administration may be on the verge of abandoning America’s planned missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. If so, writes Nile Gardiner in the Telegraph,

this would represent a huge turnaround in American strategic thinking on a global missile defense system, and a massive betrayal of two key U.S. allies in Eastern and Central Europe. Such a move would significantly weaken America’s ability to combat the growing threat posed by Iran’s ballistic missile program, and would hand a major propaganda victory to the Russians.

Gardiner links the move to President Barack Obama’s July visit to Moscow, where he struck a “deal” with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to reduce America’s nuclear arsenal by one third. We noted at the time that Obama’s visit to Moscow had accelerated the fulfillment of several earthshaking Bible prophecies. Even before the trip, back in April, we wrote,

[D]on’t be surprised if the Kremlin tramples on and exploits the United States’ naive willingness to, as Vice President Joe Biden put it in Munich, “push the reset button” with Russia.

The trampling is now well under way. If the Obama administration drops its plans to install a defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, Gardiner concludes,

it would represent an appalling surrender to Russian demands, and the shameful … appeasement of an increasingly aggressive regime that is openly flexing its muscle in an effort to intimidate ex-members of the Warsaw Pact. It would send a clear message to America’s allies in Europe that Moscow’s bullying will be tolerated and even tacitly encouraged. It also sends a dangerous signal that the United States is unlikely to stand up to Russian demands that Georgia and Ukraine be barred from becoming full members of the nato alliance.